Introducing Ken Snowdon other wise known as Saddlerider and Vincent Moore

It is my honor to introduce you to a charming and gifted writer whom I refer to as Saddlerider, and more recently my dear friend Ken. I met Saddlerider on Hub pages. The first time I looked at his picture I thought to myself, “what is Sean Connery doing on hubs?” I had to find out who this man was. I remember the first comment he wrote on my hub, I had to read  a couple of times. His eloquent words flowed even in his comments. I was new to Hub pages and I thought,”Oh my goodness, Sean has come to pay me a visit.” I did find out it was not Sean Connery. I was more than pleasantly surprised to find a very gentle and kind soul that wrote the most wonderful inspiring comments. He welcomed me with open arms to hubs and encouraged me to keep writing.

Saddleridert was born and raised in Montreal , Quebec Canada. He spent 23 yrs of his life there before moving further west to the Canadian Prairies where he still lives to this day. He is a single man these days and has four 4 beautiful children from his second wife. Saddlerider has risen above his circumstances and they have made him the man he is today.

His passion in his earlier teens was to become a hockey player in the NHL He shares with me, that he came very close to achieving that goal. He sustained an injury while playing a  visiting Russian elite team. He was scouted for the draft in 1967 and if he had not sustained that knee injury, he would have been playing for the Montreal Canadians.

 It is always a wonder how life has a way of putting us on a different path that is driven by life’s greatest struggles. SD

There is no telling where his NHL career may have taken Saddlerider but when one door closes, another one always seems to open. Now my friend is fulfilling his dream as a poet and a published author.

Living in Western Canada, Saddlerider had ventured into many different career paths. From being a successful Realtor, business owner, transportation sales manager, to his final career move, as Mobile Security Manager for a security company. This author reports he is  semi retired. Saddlerider has lived many lives and now sits back, smells the roses, enjoys that great  Organic Java, and writes with all his heart. Saddlerider says his writing is a hobby but it is much  more, it is his passion.

“Work is never my passion, it’s just a way of giving up your hours to bring home a little extra gingle gangle. My real passion is WRITING and mostly Poetry, a little short story writing, but not much.”

Saddlerider shares, that many of  his poems and stories come from a very deep place within his soul. As a young boy and teen growing up in a dysfunctional home, he was exposed to  much fighting, alcohol abuse, and crime. He has been able to draw his passion from these circumstances and to write from a very deep well, thus baring his soul to all his fans. His greatest hope is that the pain he has endured, will help relieve others from their pain through his writing.

Saddlerider explains, ” I pray it will be like a healing tonic to them. People need to let it out of their system, set it free, so it won’t come back to haunt you as it did me for many years. I kept it all in and that was not a good thing.”

While he has never had any formal background in writing, the words comes from a place deep within. Saddlerider explains that he had a mentor when he was younger and he taught him much about life. His mentor has since left this earth, but ingrained a great impression upon his heart. This special man who touched Saddlerider’s life, became the muse that led him to writing so many wonderful poems and stories.

One day Vincent stumbled onto Hub pages and began to read different hubs on various topics. . There was one hubber named Rawlus that touched his heart.

  “When I read them, they resonated their feelings, hurts, sorrow, joys, losses and much more.  His style was most definitely his own and he articulated himself without any form of reservation or censor and I respected him for that.”

Saddlerider was also drawn to a particular cowboy by the name of Wayne Brown, he too was following Rawlus. Vincent decided at that moment he would give his hand a try at poetry. Saddlerider has been inspired by many writers on hub. To name a few such as, Nellieanna Hay, Sage, Epigramman and Steve, the Vietnam vet.

Saddlerider believes it was his soul crying out as a release to share his life experiences  from the past and into his future. This gifted scribe will have a few more books of poetry coming out under his author’s name, Vincent Moore, as well as  under his given Christian name Ken M. Snowdon. The advice that Saddlerider would like to share with writers starting out is to follow your heart.

Saddlerider enjoys many writers and poets. His favorite books are Mutiny on the Bounty, The complete Humorous sketches and tales of Mark Twain, The complete works of William Shakespeare-Stories, Plays & Poems of Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allan Poe complete works, and many other books.

Please take a look at Vincent’s new book called ” In Absinthia”  which you will find on Amazon via Kindle. I can say without a doubt you will not be disappointed as you read the beautiful words on the page.

I would like to share a touching story that Saddlerider wrote. Please sit back and  Enjoy!

Mike and Me

He looked up at me and I looked down at him

reading his mind and watching him weep afraid

that I would cause him harm

He asked if I would lower myself to his status

in life or just stay hovering over his soul like a

seagull circling for the morning krill

I saw his pain and knelt down before him

bringing my eyes to his level while his soul was

revealed through the deepest blue eyes that

only gods were given in ancient of days

I sat beside him on the dirty curb of the road

loosened my tie sharing some pain from my past

and present life and how I fell off the wagon bruising

my shins and ego by getting back up again

He shared with me his saddest secrets

while scars so deep pulsated from the veins

that now were darkened red from needle ends

he called his friends and pulled a butt

from his pocket with nicotine

burnt gnarled finger tips

We dreamed together unwrapping

a chocolate bar I pulled from my

suit jacket pocket  broke it in half to

give him the bigger of the two pieces

watching him grin while thanking me for

sharing sweets so he could put his

bitter pills away for just a spell

Amazing man he was at one time professor

of words at a renowned University

until his world crumbled before him

with the loss of his family

an auto accident had claimed

He slowly hid away the crumpled

photo of his wife and children with

a shaking hand and wiped the tear

that lingered there awhile frozen

like his past of happier days

He went mad while his world fell apart

and the demons  threw him in the

guttered fumes of chemicals

and alcohol that rubbed and smeared

his ever again desire to live amongst the living

I felt a strong kindred to this man of worth

no matter that his posture was bent and

out of sync with reality nor that he was

rough edged and callous and smelled

of stale everything and scratched

the lice that crawled his skin

He was a man a sad man a man

I shared my time and courage with

and felt a kindred with his soul of

understanding and empathy not sympathy

we met each other on a level of  humanity

Equal and naked souls no different

yet blessed to be alive  thankful for our lot

in life no matter the calling

for at this moment in time a light shone

in our harbour while the mist was lifted

to let both our ships pass together in peace

I shook his hand gave him a hug and

took a minute to pray together for peace

on earth the end of wars and famine while

we placed our differences in the

garbage laying around us

We wept and wished each other well

and  left without any regrets of having met

in the gutter of life on the mean streets

of concrete jungle while shadows past us by

with disgust and bitter tongues of stereotyping fools

Mike and I met with the hope that we were Knockin

on heaven’s door

© Copyright KSnowdon2010. All Rights Reserved.

Vincent Moore have gifted us with two Kindle books that I would like to share.  Please look for the book form coming soon.                  

In Absinthia .
Vincent Moore pens his thoughts about many things and has a style all his own.
Sometimes, he parties with words excessively and it becomes necessary to publish
quickly lest his work be lost in the dark corners of his room or his mind. Not
just another pretty mask with eloquent words, Vincent will lead you into
mysterious worlds that are strange yet somehow familiar, worlds that will leave
you unsettled and breathless for more.

                   In Melancholia








“Childhood is sometimes marred by violence,  pain, and abuse but revisiting those once familiar streets can be  healing. Vincent Moore’s In Melancholia explores the darker side of  childhood lived inside the cracks of poverty and abuse and yet it is not without hope. The candle shines brighter and the songs are sweeter as a young boy stands poised at the edge of manhood.”

I would like to leave you with these words from Saddlerider and I hope you will commit them to your heart.

“Follow your heart. Listen to it, dig deep into the well of your soul, listen to it speak to you. Everyone who is a Poet has a Muse, you just have to be ready to receive him/her or it when it speaks to you. Let your Muse take you by the hand and guide your Quill to paper. Write and write some more, never walk away from writing, even though there will be many days when you don’t feel like writing, people call it writer’s block. Keep writing, we all have a voice just waiting to be heard, let yours be heard.”


You may find Saddlerider on the links below


Thank  you Ken for letting me tell  your story. It has been my honor. May all your dreams come true my friend and then some.



11 thoughts on “Introducing Ken Snowdon other wise known as Saddlerider and Vincent Moore

  1. There are people that arrive in ones life like a giant slap in the face that one was craving for without even knowing it… This is what Ken represents to me… I too remember his first comment on one of my poems; it was long, eloquent and very classy. I remember the feeling I had from reading it; and ever since a growing warmth has taken hold of my heart. Ken cares about people, he sees them and he is genuinely interested in their stories. Yes, Ken Snowdon is a man with a heavy past, yet a rich life and a way with words that often brings tears to my eyes…

    I had read “Mike and Me” before and I was moved… so moved I am not so sure I ever left a comment on this scribe. Today, as I read yet again, tears were trying to come out but I kept them in to be able to read until the end.

    This is a beautiful showcase of our friend Ken Snowdon. You have found the fine line to bring out his personality and the wish for anyone who does not know him to go and find out more (I personally would ^_^). If Ken cares about people, you do too in a very similar way. Both your works are a blessing to have crossed my reading habits.
    Have a great day,

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  3. I read Saddlerider on hubpages, I follow Vincent Moore on twitter and I’m friend with Saddle Rider on facebook. So good to read about the writer/poet. As I write this I’m remembering his recent poem Rippled Face.

  4. Sunnie, thank you so much for giving us a little more insight to this wonderfully talented writer. I have only recently started to read Saddlerider’s poetry, and one of my deepest regrets is that I didn’t support and follow him earlier. Most of his writing stirs emotions in me that I have long forgotten. His ability to allow the reader into his life is amazing. Well done Ken, I wish you much love and the very best of luck in all that you do. Annette x

  5. Yes Kim, I too thought we were in the presence of the great Sean Connery, however you must admit a look-a-like will suffice very nicely;-)

    This was a wonderful tribute to Vincent’s life. Everything that is penned by this genius illuminates our mind through the understanding of his raw clarity and expression of emotional pain. Vincent uses his quill to pen poems, with such creative energy that you can feel the gripping sensory appeal as the words flow forth with an almost spiritual power being channelled from himself to his quill!

    Vincent cradles his reader with a haunting reality with his melancholic reflections of his painful past and writes so intimately about human suffering and pain, that it is impossible not to be tenderly touched by his poetic works in some way!

    A thorough delight reading your interview and Vincent’s comments on who he is and how he got there.


    Cheryl Woods

      • While I compliment Vincent’s wonderful work, I compliment and applaud your natural ability for writing and for your superb tributes of poets on Hub. You thoroughly and methodically gather all the facts and turn the write into an absolute masterpiece! You are indeed talented my friend and blessed with creativity, melding and weaving words together along with poetic pictures and poems, so it can only have the possibility of ending in one way my friend, and that is with utter perfection! BRAVO Sunnie xx

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