Introducing Nadine AuCoin otherwise known as Maggie May

I would like to introduce you to my wonderful friend Nadine also known as Maggie May. I met Maggie on Hub pages and I have found a friend for life. She is an awesome writer, poet, song writer, mother, friend, and she wears many more hats I am sure. She was one of the first people to encourage me to keep writing. She loves to see others succeed and will do all she can to help them reach their dreams while pursuing her own dreams. Her heart is big and she seems to never tire…Maggie knows it is all about the climb….

Maggie was born and raised in Cape Breton Island, Nova
Scotia..Canada..She says that “Island living is a one of a kind
experience!” The limitations and isolation sparked a need to
write, that she did not know she had.

As a teachers assistant, Maggie loved working with individuals with special needs
“It is so much fun creating activities and outings bringing
smiles and laughter, and a twinkle in their eyes”!

Maggie describes herself and I quote, “Single white female writing/righting the
wrongs…she says that she went looking for love in all the wrong
places…We all can relate to that one but in the process..She raised twin girls and a son single-handedly with many bumps in the road…

“My children are my heroes!!! I am so proud
of them!!! I love them so much it hurts!”

She is a very strong woman who continues to shine. You will need skates to keep up with this busy beautiful lady. Maggie’s greatest aspiration is to be a world-famous author free of financial worries and to help others over come obstacles through her writings.

“Helping others actually help me for there
is always something to be learned…and gained on a personal level.” MM

Maggie also writes music Lyrics and melodies

“Sometimes bad things come our way,  so very out of our control and so devastating that we feel lost and unable to keep to the things we love best….that was I.  I’ve learned and became stronger through experiences…strength to become a better person and such a strong desire to be authentic for there is a simple plan for all of us…be real, be honest with yourself, and above all else, be gracious and walk this life gaining composure every step of the way”!

Maggie’s  work may be found in the following places: 


Facebook(Maggie May)…

Books are sold at Amazon….

(A series),Pilot, Swaydy &

Times Three(another series)…

Best, Kept Secret (Novel)
Is presently in the first draft stages…Edited by Morten Rand of Fiction
Factory, founder of Novelty Fiction and better known as Website Examiner on


Other titles to look for in the future by
Nadine au Coin aka Maggie May are as follows:

Willow Tree Forest(Novella)

Tucked Inn(Novella)

The Hole In My Fort(Middle Grade School)

Atlanta Lights The Way(Ages 9-12)

The Friends Save The Beached Whales(Ages

One Tough Cookie(Novella)


Order, Pilot, Swaydy & Friends through or

Look to Publish America to find books written by MAGGIE MAY,  children’s genre.

I will leave you with one of Maggie’s favorite quotes.

Write from your heart

Write from your soul…

Make the best of your talent

And, don’t ever let it go

Not for anything…

(Author anonymous)

Thank you Maggie for letting me share your wonderful talent with the world. Give me your hand my friend…we will climb this one together!



6 thoughts on “Introducing Nadine AuCoin otherwise known as Maggie May

  1. To my Earth Angel
    I am speechless! Once again you have spread your Sunnie rays into my Days! Thanks from the bottom of my heart…You’ve made me shine! Each day I give thanks that you are with me on this magical journey…

    • Dear Nadine,
      I am so happy you like this and I am so honored to help get the word out about my talented friend..Hold on to your seat because I think before long you are going to fly..and fly high you will.
      Lots of love,

  2. I had an opportunity to read Pilot, Swaydy & Friends. You will find endearing characters and a charming story. With any luck it will be turned into an animated feature. Read it to your grandchildren.

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