Introducing Claire Perez Ekman otherwise known as Clairepeek

I would like to introduce you to a very accomplished writer and friend, Claire. I first met  Claire on Hub pages. While Claire is still a member of Hub pages, she could not be contained! Soon her pen was overflowing with extraordinary words that she now shares around the globe. She is moving in so many new and exciting directions. Claire is a published author with a fabulously, loyal following. This special lady is the type of person who cannot keep her good fortune to herself. She desires to share and encourage anyone who desires to write and move forward. She has helped me in more ways than I can count. Claire is all over the place in this cyber world. I do believe she has little elves working for her as she seems not to miss a beat.
Let’s talk about Claire’s song.
Last Look at Edenby Europe, touches me so: It is a political song
calling out to people to vote and therefore take the first step towards a
better life. They are wishing for people to take back their right to be heard.
For me, it is a song of hope with simple, short, yet powerful lyrics… and I
love the music – one of the band’s best songs.”


It is a wonderful thing to know the person behind the words and this is Claire’s story. Grab a cup of tea, sit back, and enjoy. SD

“I was born prematurely on the Halloween day of 1975 in the clinic of Sucy-en-Brie
(suburban town of Paris, France). Three years later, my little brother was born
and our family started moving around, mostly because my parents were barely
beginning their lives. They were always on the lookout for a better job,
especially my dad. This is how we finally moved to the South of France, for my
dad had found a good job in St-Raphaël (about half an hour – maybe forty-five
minutes – from Nice). I therefore grew up in the South of France, not a bad
place to be. As a child, I was calm and rather solitary. I do not recall having many friends, and those I had, with time, hurt me a great deal – probably because I let them so that I would avoid conflict. We moved to Toulon (still in the South of France) when I was about 10 years old and a couple of years later my dream started to take shape: move to
Sweden (see hub article “Why I moved to Sweden”). The virus of writing took me when I was about 14 years old. I was a hopeless romantic and dreamt of my anti-hero
who would come and rescue me. I wrote many short-stories on that theme, turned
in so many different ways that I would probably find them very lame today. In
any case, I loved writing but was discouraged to do so by a teacher – to whom I
had asked advices on how to write better. My creations have without a doubt
scared my parents and they have pushed me towards other things so that I would
not “hide” in my made-up world. At age 17, I took up my quill again
because I thought myself in love – I probably was. I began writing poetry but
gave that up when my love story became real, therefore ended.

For a long time, I wanted to become a sound engineer so that I could meet with the famous
people; this was my motivation and I know now that my choice of profession was
already a sign of my want of attention. I was, however, not cut out to be an
engineer… I persisted quite long in my belief that I could do it. In the end,
I gave up and bounced back pretty easily I must say. Love – or something – came
back at my door and I almost gave up studying for that guy. Fortunately, my
mother put some sense into my head and I chose an education to become an
executive assistant (far from the engineer dream). I did really well and before
I knew it, I was done with school. I was free so I left for London and then
Dublin. I came back to France I was 25 years old. My want for attention had
grown beyond my own grasp and my “hiding” symptoms were not symptoms
anymore. I was extremely unhappy and I did not even know it.

In December 2002, someone did notice and as scary as it was for him then, he held out his hand to me; I grabbed it and am still holding on to it. I took up my quill again then,
and wrote my first piece in 10 years. I think it was “Dark White Valley” or maybe “The Bridge”. Both texts, I have written almost the same day so it does not matter which one was first. They both show who and how I was then.”


Claire now lives in Grängesberg, Sweden.

As I had mentioned earlier Claire is very good with computers and software programs: She has always believed that if you want something done properly then best to do it   yourself. She built her websites, created her own book cover (for her newly  published book). Claire is proud to be an Indie writer.

“An eBook is just as real and prestigious to have published as a printed book. It is all free to self-publish and it gives great and equal opportunities to everybody… as time
goes, authors put more and more efforts into their work to offer quality books
to their readers”.

Publishing an eBook is not the same as publishing  a book for print. The formatting is not the same reports Claire. She believes  if you have the right tools then you can do anything. She has downloaded free  programs such as Calibre, MobiPocket, Kindle Viewer, eCub…

“I need to specify this. Being a writer is difficult enough and very few make a living out of it. Being a published author is even more difficult to become if you want to be a “Philip
Pullman”, a “Norman Miller” or a “J. K. Rowling”…”Being an Indie Author is… well… tough love; therefore being an Indie poet… it is suicidal to expect making any money out of it. No! The reason I self-publish is to get more people to read my work (and I do not expect more than just a few, but am always ready to be surprised”


Paintings of Life

by Claire Perez Ekman

In 2005, Claire self-published her first collection of poems “A New Season” written – & published – in French and in English.

Claire’s Favorite Quote:

“There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You never quite know wherethey’ll take you.”

By Beatrix Potter:

Claire is not one to talk about herself and give details about her life. When asked to give a Bio, she simply said, “read The Queen of Fools,” Her writing goes deep and are profound. Reading between the lines and finding out more about this gifted scribe is like being on a treasure hunt and stumbling on a huge gold nugget. SD

Please visit Claires site and read one of her most recent works, “Queen of Fools.”

Here are the links to Claries work:

 Claire Perez Ekman | Amazon

Claire Perez Ekman | LinkedIn

Claire Perez Ekman | Smashwords

Clairepeek | Author’s Den

Clairepeek | DeviantART

Clairepeek | HubPages

Clairepeek | Lulu Spotlight

“Paintings of Life” available in paper back version on


“A Poem… hmm… this is one of my favorites. I wrote it this
summer as I was in a very gloomy mood. This is not cheerful at all, but it is a
side of me


They took it all,

Gold, silver and greens;

One after the other fell

To the spellbound hell

Of greatness…

They took it all,

From one to another

Breathed promises,

Smiled mountains

Of wealth…

Since then, smoke has arisen,

Floating round and round,

Never away… it lingers on.

They danced all night,

Laughed and rejoiced

‘Round the fire,

Feeding the flames;

Those devils burn…

– They took it all –

As morning comes,

Promised mountains

Breathing the smoke

Of its ashes…

Standing great

For all to see.

Bloody mountains,

Suffocating daisies,

Are standing there

Where words had sung

And feet had danced.

– They took it all –

History, thoughts and tales,

One after the other fell

To the now gone flames

The smoke lingers a bit

In ashes of tears…

Though soon they will fly too

Living a blackened earth

For sole witness.

– They took it all –


Copyrights 2009 – 2011

All rights reserved – Claire Perez Ekman

Thank You Claire for letting me share your life and talent with your readers and fellow authors.

With your pen in hand, may you reach all your dreams my friend.

Love, Sunnie

irepeek | Twitter


10 thoughts on “Introducing Claire Perez Ekman otherwise known as Clairepeek

  1. My Sweet Sunnie!
    You have made me feel like a star and a wonder woman. But nothing that you said here isn’t also true for you. I am humbled by your words that, as I already told you, are warm like a blanket. You poured your heart in this and I take it very personally 🙂 This is truly the nicest thing a fellow author has done for me and truthfully, a simple thank you does not even begin to cover it. It is, however, the only thing I have right now, so THANK YOU SUNNIE.
    You are a gem and a true diamond among us… more importantly, I am proud to count you as my friend – but this has nothing to do with that 😛
    Love you,

  2. Dear Claire,
    You ARE a star and one that shines bright! I am so happy to do this and it is with a humble heart I do. Nothing ever exspected in return. You have done so much for me and others as well..(People reading this …just look at her site.)it is I need to be the one thanking you..this is just one way to let you know how very special you are and for the word to get out about your amazing talent.

  3. Hello Sunnie, this is a nice read. I met Claire on hubpages, read her works and always been impressed by her ability to move the readers. I very much enjoyed Queen of Fool and her daily journal series. By the way the poetry is very beautiful

  4. I have to come in and leave my compliment to two of the finest ladies who have found their way into this Poet’s life, world and indeed my heart and soul. Meeting them both at the Hub pages was one of the biggest highlights of my tenure there. Two great writers, poets and crafters of words. They shine in their own specialties. They both know how to make other people shine and I must humbly thank them both for shining in my world. I am so impressed by this tribute you have given to Claire that words don’t come easily from this Poet. Yet, in my corner of the world a light does shine and it’s in my heart and soul for having been so blessed to stumble upon you both. I am so happy to share with you and rub shoulders with you in both your creative worlds. May you both enjoy the fruits of your hard work and talent and may you both forever be inspirations to other starting out writers. They all can learn so much from your brilliant scribes. Again, I want to thank you both for appearing on my stage. I have great respect for you both my fine Scribes. Hugs from me to you. Keep writing as it’s the one thing we can all gift and leave as legacies that we had a voice.

  5. Thank you Ken,
    I am just now seeing this comment..I am sorry..and what a beautiful comment at that. I am so thankful for meeting you, Claire, and the list goes on..There is so much support and everyone does it unselfishly helping one another..that is truly a wonderful thing. Thank you for your encouraging words..I continue to pray for much sucess in your future.
    Sending a big hug,

  6. I’ve met Clairepeek only a week ago through saddlerider, and I am really so impressed with her writings I can’t stop reading them. My compliments also to you, Sunnie. This is a lovely introduction and inspiring.

  7. Thank you Marite for stopping by..Claire is one talented lady that has the energy of ten people..This has been so much fun..I hope to feature you if you would be so kind too…
    God bless,

  8. Hello Sunnieday,

    It was indeed a great read about such a wonderful writer, co-hubber and a friend. Clairepeek is a gem of our Hubpages community, and I wish both of you good luck with all your writings.

    Best regards,
    Hunbbel Meer

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