Introducing Annette Donaldson otherwise known as Bluestar


Dear Friends,

It is my honor to introduce you to my friend Annette also known as Bluestar. Normally, I would try to take bits and pieces from the bio and put it together but this time I will be letting Annette’s share in her own words her incredible story. It is one you must read!

Who is Bluestar…?

“Who am I, I hear you ask? I am no one, I wouldn’t stand out in a crowd, I am just…
I was born in 1957 to a single parent family. My mother was a very strong woman, full of character and strong morals. My father, well who was he? I have never met him to this very day.
My childhood was not easy, in fact to be honest  it was troubled in many ways. I was seven years old when my mother developed breast cancer, and her suffering was to change both of our lives for ever. Often times, it was my love of books and my creative nature that allowed me to escape from my real world, in favour of a world full of wonderful childhood adventure, and love.
Like so many children, I became my mother’s main care giver for seven years, until the fateful day that she decided enough was enough, and took her own life. That day still leaves me with so many mixed emotions, and has been the single inspiration to prompt me to write my memoirs; which are receiving their final edit prior to publication.  Writing “A Lancashire Rose, Born to be a Thorn,” have allowed me the time to reflect on my past and move on to a future full of challenges and rewards. I have no regrets from my past, and firmly believe that I am a better person today for having lived it.
I am a simple person by nature, not stupid, but in love with the simplest things in life.  I adore the countryside and the inspiration I gain from walking amongst the trees, lakes and forests. My imagination allows me to run free over the undulating panorama that surrounds my very being.  I love to be still, not as in not moving, but still in the comfort and knowledge that I never intend to harm any living thing, and is this way, I do not get harmed.
My writing has been described as controversial on occasion, as I am not afraid to touch on subjects considered by many, to be taboo. I write from the heart and through the eyes of a person who has been blessed with a quality of mind seldom found in other writers.
I live in Northern Ireland with my partner of fourteen years, my devoted greyhound J.P (John Pirie was his racing name before I adopted him), and my beautiful Appaloosa stallion, Blue Star. Northern Ireland is a country of such diversity. Fantastic landscapes, deep and crystal clear lakes and mountains that disappear into the clouds; a magical place full of mystery and folklore to lose oneself in.
I am mum to my darling son Craig, and hopefully a good and true second mum to my daughter in law Rebecca. They have made me the happiest woman alive today with the beautiful gift of a grandson, my special angel Callum.
I have achieved many things in the past, and have been privileged to share my life with many inspirational people.  I am afraid that I resemble a Jack Russell if I set my mind on a project, and I will not let it go until I have seen it followed through. I started the Irish
 Association, founded the breeders stud book with the Irish Horse Register and fought relentlessly for our members to be allowed to show our horses alongside the famous Irish Draft. I promoted the Western Riding classes and introduced the first Western Riding tuition clinic ever to be held in Ireland. Such is my admiration of the Appaloosa horse.
It wasn’t until March 2010 that I joined Hub Pages and began to write. I was amazed at the amount of truly talented writers reside there, and the support, encouragement and advice from them was overwhelming.
I have just published my first fiction Novella, “Grandpa Miller” available from as a paperback and download. The journey has been interesting and I have loved every minute of it.
I feel so very honoured to be approached by my very special, sweet friend Sunnie,  and to be allowed  take part in her writing journey. My dear friend, you are what makes the world go around, generous nature, beautiful heart and the biggest smile.
To be lifted higher is in every authors hand, it is with the pen, that we are able to be lifted higher,  without ever leaving the ground. SD
Introducing Annette’s new published book “Grandpa Miller”. You may find it on
Annette Donaldson debut novella Grandpa Miller, tells the story of a hardened crofter who now in his twilight years, finds his secretive past life returns to haunt him. He resides in an area of outstanding natural beauty on the shores of Lough Cuan in Northern Ireland. Whilst battling against the devastating effects of a storm to hit his homeland, Grandpa Miller has to fight his own emotional demons. Unfortunately, the decisions that he has to make will test the very heart of the whole community. Follow Grandpa’s internal struggle to try to put right the misdemeanour’s of his past in favour of his future, and the security of his family. This is a beautifully told, very original story, and much of the descriptive narrative is outstanding.
                                       This is Annette’s favorite poem and a beautiful  tribute to her beloved Mother.
My One Regret
Pull back the reigns, turn off the light,
Let that woman go off into the night.
What is for you, you will get,
Fate dealt a hand that I least expect.
Friendship comes and friendship goes,
whatever the reason, nobody knows.
Life is like an angel, fragile and true,
My soul lingers with the thoughts of you.
Mothers and daughters, love so entwined,
promises of light ever after of the glorious kind.
Soul searching reasons and still I haven’t learned
to let you go forth another love spurned
My mother my love, thoughts of the past
of good times and bad times that never last.
My love for you was never denied,
I am in my heart forever your child.
Anniversaries come and then they pass,
Memories never falter, just hidden by a mask.
Of tears and loneliness that cry to be heard,
sorrow and sadness in life that I shared.
Too late now to make amends,
Tomorrow is another day, where fear lends
an awesome reminder of things that should have been said
“I love you mum without any regrets.”
Copyright © Annette Donaldson.
Annette shares with us a  little piece on her Musings on Life
Musings on Life
When I look deep into your eyes I can see the dawn of another new day on the horizon, and when I bend my head forward to put my nose into the curls at the back of your neck, the smell of your aftershave crashes over me like waves over the shore, and I know that I am alive.
It is strange to think how I ever coped without you. You have been there in my mind for all of my life, and as truth evades the issues and constraints are put before me, I just simply realise that you are real.
You are wisdom, and the clarity in my mind that all is not so pure, but life is a gamble that we all have to take, just like a ride on a roller coaster. Up and down the carriage goes, some dips make you scream and other carriages take you to heights that you can no longer remember, but they are there.
Your eyes are rich with precious memories of the girl that I once was, beautiful with such a zest for life; running through the fields that were filled with buttercups in my bare feet, wild with ecstasy and laughter. I had such a grip on the world, I held the destiny of my own life within my hands and was able to dispose of the futility of hurt and pain. I was a wild child filled with abandonment on one hand, a world full of wonder on the other. And yet, delicate as a flower, a beautiful tangible orchid whose petals open slowly to reveal the full blossom of a world full of life, a life that can offer pleasure and spontaneity to all who so desire it.
Life is a guilty pleasure to savour, but it has to be lived with constraints. Only the brave can run head long and meet life in the fast lane. Love is the thing we fear the most, but still, we all seek it out every day of our lives.  Friendship we desire, but how many of these friends do we really appreciate for the person who they are, individual, caring and inspirational. We hold a delicate balance in our hands, the difference between love and ignorance. Pain and regrets.
I ride the crest of the waves pounding the shore when your eyes fill my heart with longing, and I realise how precious you are to me. I am frail now, but live with such splendour in my memories that I want to pass onto you all. Run with the March hare, dance in the shadow of the daffodils and never fear the dark empty night, for I am always with you. I am the brightest star, the deepest red rose in the garden, but most of all, I am love deep within your heart.
Here are the Links where you may find Annette’s work
Thank you Net for allowing me to share you life with us. It is such an honor to do so. It has been a wonderful exsperience meeting Annette and geting to know her not only as a writer but the magnificent person she is inside..

8 thoughts on “Introducing Annette Donaldson otherwise known as Bluestar

  1. Sunnie, my dear friend, thank you so much for allowing me to contribute my story to your ‘Pen to Page.’ It shows a very generous person to allow someone to share their space, and you will always been known to be just that. You are a little speck in this Universe, that brings a warmth to my heart every day I meet you. Much love, Net xx

  2. Annette is such a warm and kind-hearted lady, eager to support and encourage others. I admire in particularly her humbleness and ability to forgive. I feel honoured to be one of her friends. She deserves only the best of luck and love in this world. And I’m looking so forward to read her memoirs.

    Once again, Sunnie, you have introduced a splendid star.

  3. Dear Sunnie and Annette,

    Thank you ever so much for this intimate look into what makes my dear friend such a beautiful soul, both inside and out. The song selected by Annette sums up how she makes her friends feel. I feel empowered, inspired and uplifted whenever I think about or interact with you. It is thrilling to see your work grow more confident and it is beyond exciting that you have published your first, excellent, work! All my best, Maria

    • Dear Maria,
      Thank you for your sweet and lovely comment. I am so proud of the beautiful people that have allowed me to do this. I enjoy it so much..There is so much talent to be shared.
      God bless,

  4. Bluestar (Annette Donaldson) is such a warm and wonderful presence on Hub Pages and an extremely talented writer, most especially when she writes from personal experience because she fearlessly tells the truth, thereby exposing gems of wisdom, passion, pleasure and pain that the rest of us can relate to and learn from. She is supportive of other writers and her comments are always insightful and thought-provoking. I am so happy I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her on Hub Pages and am looking forward to purchasing and reading her memoir, “A Lancashire Rose, Born to be a Thorn” when it soon gets published. The title itself, is memorable and with Annette’s formidable writing skills it’s sure to be a fascinating and emotional read.

  5. Now that I have read your bio, I understand better how and why you write Annette. Your life has been so challenged and so full of love. Your heart and spirit are a blessing to the world. Thank you for allowing us to know your gift. And thank you Sunnie for bringing her to light on your Pen to Page.

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