Introducing Maria Jordan Otherwise Known as Marcoujor

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to my friend Maria Jordan otherwise known as Marcoujor. I met Maria on hub pages and instantly found a warm, loving person behind her words. She is talented in every way. As a nurse and a writer, she has touched many lives, including mine.

When you are a nurse, you know that every day you will touch a life or
a life will touch yours.
       Author unknown

Maria was born in November, 1961 and currently lives just a couple of miles from where she was born,in Jeffersonville, PA.  She is the youngest of four children for Henry and Sammie Hinton – Couchara,an unusual blend of Italian and Southern heritages. There is a span of fifteen years between Maria and her oldest brother.  Her Mother often referred to her as “a little old lady”, more comfortable with adults than most kids.  Maria had a fascination with people, naturally drawn to the study of psychology and nursing.

Maria greatly enjoyed school and became an avid reader, thanks to her Mother’s fine example. Even while pursuing her nursing studies, Maria “switched it up” with electives like “Shakespeare” and “ancient mythology” as pure enrichment.

Maria’s life was “ordinarily wonderful” for a long time.  She graduated Villanova  university with a B.S.N. in 1983 and the University of Pennsylvania with a M.S.N. in 1985.
This was the same year she started dating her soul mate, Geoffrey, only to marry him two years later in 1987. Always knowing she wanted to specialize in psychiatric nursing, Maria worked as a staff nurse, after graduation, in a large Pennsylvania state hospital.  By 1999, she had been successively promoted to the CEO for the Nursing Department for 650 staff and 650 patients.

One of Maria’s favorite CD’s, also in 1999, was “Peace” by the EURYTHMICS.  While the entire soundtrack is still a favorite, the haunting song Lifted will forever be her message to everyone she encounters.  Maria told me: “When I was 37 in 1999, I was at the top of my game, or so I thought. Now that I am almost 50, I realize that the game is in the journey of our life.  The song, Lifted, means so much to me having survived and thrived from a  terrible darkness, a horrific situation of workplace violence in June of that year. In almost dying, not a day goes by that I do not treasure every precious thing in my life. I hope that everyone who reads this will take a  few minutes to listen to the song’s message. It has helped me move on and up!”

   Lifted by EURYTHMICS 

By Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox

Don’t be afraid when you

Walk through the dark

Just when you feel that

Your day fell apart

Stay strong

Keep holding on

Clear skies ahead and the dark day is done

Keep on lifted

Keep on lifted.

I wish you everything

That you could want

Just when the day finds you

Turned back to front

Stay clear

Rescue is near

When you feel

That you’re drowned in despair

Keep on lifted

Keep on lifted.

You’re a bird in the sky now baby


Feet on the ground

Now you can find peace at last

Now you can find peace at last.

To read some of Maria’s writing please check these out:

As for Maria’s favorite quote, it is pretty straightforward:

“In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of
principle, stand like a rock.”
(Thomas Jefferson}

Maria’s Links

Thank you Maria for letting me share your life. I pray as
you go through your life that you will continue to find joy and love, and all
the seeds you have planted will come back to you in a beautiful bouquet.



18 thoughts on “Introducing Maria Jordan Otherwise Known as Marcoujor

  1. There is something very-very special in Maria: A genuine and pure love for her fellow man. (Not to mention her love for animals.) She is a lady from head to toes. Her warm, strong personality, supportive and protective nature, her dignity and intelligence and many other lovely characteristics make her an outstanding personality in Cyberspace and I just know she is the same kind of woman in real life.

    Her traumatic experience in 1999 obviously left a deep scar in her soul, nevertheless she is (still) a warm-hearted woman willing to reach out to people who seem to be in need of encouragement and support.

    I admire Maria with all my heart and I’m so glad I’ve met her. She became one of my best friends and interaction with her is always uplifting. I wish her all the success in the world with her writing projects and all other projects in her life.

    Sunnie, thank you so much for introducing Maria to us. I also wish you lots of luck with all your projects.

  2. Dear Sunnie,

    Thank you, my dear friend for allowing me an opportunity to share a little of myself with you and your beautiful friends, most of whom are mine as well.

    Martie, your comments are as insightful, thoughtful and precious as you. I can only pray that you know what your friendship and support has meant to me and I continue to learn and laugh so much with you! Hugs, Maria

  3. Very nicely done, Sunnie. You picked a Rose to share with us and I enjoyed it very much. May you know only good things in your life. Thank you for sharing and thank you Maria for allowing Sunnie to “spot-light” you. Always, Darrel

  4. Dear Sunnie,

    Thank you for allowing one of the brightest stars in our cyber planet to be featured on your wonderful Pen to Page.

    I have known Maria all of my life, well it seems like it, but in fact it is only about 12 months. She is so much more than my cyber space buddie, she is my sister who sits and takes coffee with me in the morning, and tucks me up in bed in the evening, and it is true to say that I could never be without her by my side.

    She never judges me, and fills my life with love and praise, but her consideration for other’s also keeps me grounded. My Maria, the one I love so dear, is completely different to Hub Pages Maria, for she is as delicate as a leaf blowing in the wind, as compelling as the best published words, as strong as the beautiful shire horse, and such power as a gift of taming the wildest child.which she finds painful but a challenge. My Maria, is all woman with the guts of the fiercest lion, she graces all of our lives daily, but for me, she is my world.

    Maria don’t you ever change, the mold was broken when you arrived with that beautiful smile of yours.


  5. My Dearest Annette,

    Oh my word, how I am wiping my eyes as I re-read this beautiful comment. I must laughingly correct you in that I have been on this glorious journey of writing for only 7 months… and have been so blessed to have made your friendship, truly feeling like I went to grade school with you.
    Sometimes in life we make an instant click and it is such a joy and honor to have you in my world. As Billy Joel would sing, “I love (OK, US) just the way (WE) are…”! Hugs, Maria

  6. Today I received email notifications that said Marcoujor is now following you, Marcoujor left you a fan mail and Marcoujor commented on your hub. I had not read Maria until she stumbled upon my hub. I checked her profile, sent her fan mail, posted comments on her blog post read her hubs. And now I read this interview. Sunnie you have done a great job, Maria is wonderful poet and writer and I’m getting to know her more.

  7. Maria Jordan’s bio and life story inspired me to read her Marcoujor Hub Pages profile and a few of her hubs and I’ve now become a fan and follower of this amazing and talented writer.

  8. Dear Vinaya,

    I am so happy to be your new friend on HubPages and I thank Sunnie for making this possible. You have a beautiful writing style and I greatly look forward to reading more of your work.

    All my best, Maria

  9. I am so happy to know Sunnie Day has this page and now I can know more about all of you. Your story is just astounding. Having read your profile, I love you even more and understand your heart. You are such a gift to the world and a star in my sky. Joy in Jesus, Brenda.

  10. There are people who walk among us, whose eyes smile, whose smile glows, whose glow illuminates and whose illumination cannot go unnoticed. Maria is such a person. Her writing is charmingly. Her place here on Pen to Page is well deserved. She is a person you is very supportive of those around here. It is a privilege to call her friend.


  11. There are people who walk among us, whose eyes smile, whose smile glows, whose glow illuminates and whose illumination cannot go unnoticed. Maria is such a person. Her writing is charming. Her place here on Pen to Page is well deserved. She is a person you is very supportive of those around here. It is a privilege to call her friend.


  12. Dear Darrel, Gail, Brenda & Mike,

    Oh wow, do I feel rude (actually please believe, just busy with classes and the November contest), but I am only re-reading my comments after seeing a wonderful new introduction on Chaya from Sunnie today.

    I have been weeks thanking each of you for taking the time to read my introduction and say such kind and gracious things about me. I consider each of you dear friends and fabulous writers as well, and it is truly heartwarming to practice my creative expressions in such an accepting and supportive environment.

    May you all have a joyous and peaceful holiday season. Special thanks to Sunnie for making this all possible. All my best, Maria

    • Maria, I feel bad I thought I had approved all the comments and found many were still I had many that had been sitting not approved..That is my fault..I am glad you were finally able to see them..Have a wonderful day, Sunnie


  13. Sunnie,

    Maria really is one of those special people – her warmth is just about instantly recognized by all who are fortunate enough to get to know her a bit. She is, in fact, one who I find both inspiring and convicting; inspiring because she is so genuine, so uncluttered by pretense, so easy to enjoy – and convicting because she is so genuine, so uncluttered by pretense, so easy to enjoy . . . I am very genuine within myself, I know myself and I am never phony, but I often adopt an ‘all about me’ and ‘I’m so glorious’ or a wise-ass persona online because it’s easier for me than being direct and real, my suspicion is that I am not so easy to enjoy. So, I hold Maria in great esteem and adore her comfort with others and her quickly discernible charm . . . Maria is charming, she charms you, to know her is to be an admirer. And, She’s been very sweet to me personally so, she’s now one of my girls.

    And, I think it reflects very favorably on you, on your own heart Sunnie, that you’ve collected together such a group here in these biographies – the first I came across was our dear Kimberly, then our dear Martie, and each I’ve seen since then evidences your own warmth and sweetness . . . I’m so delighted I’ve met all of you. My girls.


    • I feel so blessed to have meet so many wonderful friends and Maria is one of the most beautiful angels on this earth. I am thankful that many have allowed me to share their story.
      God bless

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