Introducing Eiddwen Jones

I would like to introduce you to Eiddwen. I met this talented writer about eight months ago on hubpages. She is like a breath of fresh air. Her writing always makes you smile and you leave a better person for just reading her wonderful work. I hope you enjoy Eiddwens bio and get to know this incredible person who I am so honored to call friend. SD

My message to everyone is if you want something bad enough never ever
give up and you will get there in the end!!; You will find the
contentment that you deserve and no one has the right to keep it from
you! Be happy in your own life and that is how you will win the day.
I have set up a trust fund in my beautiful daughter Erin’s memory
connected with Ty Hafan, which is the only children’s hospice here in
Wales. We have so far raised over £4.000.
Myself and my partner love the countryside and exploring each nook and
cranny in Wales. We also love nature and historic places e.g. castles, caves etc.
Dai is also an amazing photographer and we have many photos which I
love to share with the many friends that I have made on the web over
the last two years.
As well as being a great photographer Dai is the perfect partner for
me. We met six years ago and I never thought I would be this happy.
So to you all out there don’t ever stop chasing your dreams because
they are to be found and no-one has the right to take them away from

My motto through life has been The Serenity Prayer.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the
courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the

These words have helped me to cope over the years, first of all when
my sister Val passed over and then tragically my beautiful daughter
My faith as grown stronger as the years have passed by and I feel so
close to them both. I know that they have been guiding me.

Take care and God bless you all.

Our lives are ours to live as we choose. Many may try to grind us down maybe when we are as children or maybe today!!

But do not let them win each day and make sure you have your very own say.

Drive on with a force so strong and unyielding forward push they will inevitably shrink you will positively glow you will thrive and indeed grow.

Grow in spirit love and your self-confidence will swell to the heavens above.

The controlling factor those abusers used to trample and squash your character will

inevitably shrink.

Their cruel words turn to blubbering gibberish!!

Their falseness once not seen or believed now stands out clearly for all to see for all to learn of wrong doings of the worst possible kinds.

They made us cry and made us sad. They numbed our thoughts and stole our drive, we lived inside ourselves protected by survival instincts which grew a thicker protective armour around us each minute each hour each day each week each year.

Slowly but surely we peel away layers, find feelings thoughts memories that were kept  hidden

well hidden!!

Their vile controlling abusive powers disappear.

Their sarcastic cackling turn into a madman’s dribbling.

They blubber and beg for leniency, The fault not theirs but belonged to others they beg for understanding and try to be heard.

But we rise tall and win each strength in each day.

Days turn to weeks weeks turn to years and no longer in silence we free our tears.

We again learn to cry learn to care and of ourselves we learn to share.

We visit the deep depths of our hearts.

We explore each golden lining of our young souls but also at times so old beyond our years.

Abusers forgotten long trodden into the earth.

Past visitors no longer welcome each new day gives birth new horizons each strength so vital and craved.

Our tomorrows become our todays.We love we laugh we cry and we achieve.

My achievements I will share with you all my dear friends,

I hope in return you will also follow me to climb upwards and forwards and to live my  dream of having my novel published to share with the world, where it rightly belongs;to help other on their way along each path each dream each tear each laugh each day.

My novel will be dedicated to each person in the world who is or has  been suffering abuse at the hands of a coward and also to those who  have managed to walk away but are finding that the pain and memories  of their abuse still hangs over them and stops them from living their  dream and also living their lives as a whole person.

No-one has the right to take this away from us.

Take care and remember we cannot change our pasts but we can change our futures.

Be strong and walk on with your head held high and your heart full.

Eiddwens Links

Dear Eiddwen,

Thank you so much for letting me share your life with all our friends. You are truly a remarkable person whom has strength of heart like I have never seen. I pray all your dreams come true.



10 thoughts on “Introducing Eiddwen Jones

  1. Sunnie, thank you for featuring our lovely, inspirational friend Eiddwen. I met Eidwenn on Hub Pages, and I am so very glad that I did. She is a special lady who has shared many moments of her talent and enthusiasm with me. Her take on life is so inspirational and forgiving and she truly is a dear friend worthy of the mention here.

  2. How lovely to know you better Eiddwen. You, your life, your talent and your love are inspiring and amazing. Your novel will touch many lives and create change in hearts. Thank you for always remaining authentic.
    And thank you Sunnie for bringing us this profile of a lovely lady.

  3. Sunnie and Eiddwen, I am so happy to get to know even more about my dear friend through this fabulous introduction. Eiddwen is a beautiful example of determination, motivation and inspiration through her every word and photograph. I am grateful to have your other links and look forward to checking out even more of your writing. I wish you all the best in the publication of your novel, Maria.

  4. Dear Eiddwen,
    One needs only to read this lovely bio to get the essence of your strength, beauty, spirit and soul and to know why you are such an inspiration and source of joy to so many, myself included, who have come to know and love you through your Hub Pages writings.
    You have shared your painful past with us but more importantly you have been shining the light of hope, illuminating the way to breaking through the difficult bonds of the past to create the future of our dreams. To see such optimism, love and joy in one who has suffered so much helps each reader realize that they too, can not only survive, but can learn how to THRIVE.
    Am looking forward to the publication of your book and hope it’s a big success!
    Sending Hugs, Love and Prayers Across the Ocean my Dear Friend.
    Gail (Happyboomernurse)

    • Hi Gail,
      Thank you so much for this caring and loving comment.
      I feel so honoured and humbled,and would like to add that the warmth and care of hubbers like yourself have also helped me to grow as a person and a writer.
      Thank you again Gail and here’s to a long time ahead of friendship and to share thoughts,stories through our hubs.
      Take care and God Bless you Gail.

  5. Oh Sunnie
    I am so touched and so emotional by Sunnie’s bio and the comments which you Annette and mar have left.
    It was only this morning that I was tellig Dai how I never cried if I read a story or watched a film !!
    However I have been out to refill the bird feeders and pottered around and then sat down to see if all was well in Hubberland.
    I had read Sunnie’s bio late last night but Iwas so tired tht I put it away ready for today.
    I have now read it and yes go on ,guess who’s crying now ?
    Any such thoughts that I had not such a very long time ago that we could never make friends over the net! How I have been proved so wrong !!
    I have made so many sincere friends three of which are Sunnie Day who wrote this bio ;Annette and marcoujor who left their beautiful comments and to very many more ,they are too numerous to name individually !!
    I don’t question these friendships beacuse I know that they are here to stay.
    They are all in my heart and this is where they will lovingly stay.
    A very big thank you from the bottom of my heart to you all and some I am sure that I have yet to meet.
    I must have a cuppa now and here’s the biggest thank you ever to you Sunnie and I am still crying but they are tears of joy now !!
    They are also tears of gratitude because I know that I belong;
    i belong with my partner;
    I belong with my family;
    And last but not least I belong right here and surrounded by my wonderful HubPages family.
    Thank you over and over again Sunnie, for everything my very dear friend.
    Lots of love and hugs

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