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Introducing Svetlana otherwise known as Kallini2010

Svetlana gave me permission to use all her writings, pictures, and videos to create this autobiography. With saying that, I will do my best to show you who Svetlana is through my eyes. Her real name is Svetlana but on Hubpages she is known as Kallini2010.

Svetlana shared an interesting aspect on part of her blog concerning her personality dimensions. Knowing some of these dimensions may give the readers a look into who she is and what makes her the unique person she is.

She has worked as a secretary, executive secretary, logistics officer, tutor, telemarketer, trained to be a mechanical engineer (physical metallurgy), Information Systems Specialist. All these positions have had a direct influence I believe in who this person has become.

Svetlana favorite or a color she ranked number one on this personality test is blue which describes a person that seeks harmony, tries to make the world a better place.  See her hub on blues.

Her second favorite color is green. She is analytical, systematic, uses intellectual stimulation, knowledge, and shows much competence.

“Begin from the beginning. Go back and run in circles. Eventually things will emerge and sort themselves out and you would not be able to close the floodgates. That is my theory. It’s not exactly a theory, but since I am struggling with the beginning, so I am thinking …”Just do it”. Begin. And I am not only talking about writing. I am talking about everything.”

The third color is Gold which depicts Svetlana has a sense of duty, responsibility, security, stability, order, and plan. The last color is orange, which represents freedom, activity, and are doers and risk-takers. Svetlana work values are friendship, to help society, and to influence people. Her personal strengths are being reasonable, sincere, and can be strong-minded. The work aspect shows her as being cooperative, reliable, and teachable. Her inner skills in communication are ones that influence, motivate, and persuade. She has great creative expression and it is no wonder she has the gift of being a creative writer, creating wonderful images with pictures, videos, writing words on  the page, not to forget the dance. Dance is a very important aspect of Svetlana’s life. It is no wonder that she is able to use her body in great coordination through her dance. Svetlana shares the best part of herself, which is being a helper, which is humanistic, kind, and has great perceptive. She is a creator, one that is non-conforming, idealistic, and very imaginative.

This was from one of the first hubs I read of Svetlana. I also struggled with trying to say her name but I have it down now and know how to spell it correctly..It is the right thing to do in getting to know someone and respecting their name.

“And then I came to live in Canada.  Oh, boy… Most people found it difficult to pronounce my name.  “Can I call you Lana?”  I would usually say “Please, don’t, because you are removing the meaning of the name”. “Svet” in Russian means Light as in sunlight, moonlight, bright light, any light.  What I did not say was “You are trying to castrate my name and I don’t like it.”  People would say “But we cannot pronounce it, it is unpronounceable”.  There is only one word in the English language that is close to the sound combination“svelte” and it was precisely “sve” that was giving some people trouble.  They did not want to make an effort.  That was all. You know how it made me feel?  I came up with a comeback (a compromise of sorts), I was suggesting that I will let those who cannot (would not!) pronounce my name in full call me Lana if they let me cut their names in half and use the second part.  Feel free to exercise.  Irene would be Ene or Ne, Thomas would be Mas or As, William would be Iam or Am.  How many people liked it?  You are right – zero.  I know you might think it is ridiculous, but I did not like to lose my name.  Later I sort of came up with a short cut“Sweetlana” for those who were beyond hope.”

Let me assure you, it is not wise to enter Svetlana’s hubs and try to read halfheartedly. They are deep, thought-provoking, and you may have to reread as her words paint a page like a tapestry filled with many colors.

You may look at one color and ask yourself, ” is that blue? No, I do not think it is blue! What color of blue is that, I have never seen that before?”

There may be no name to give that color blue, and does it really matter that the type of blue have a name? In Svetlana’s own words,

“I chase Blue bird of happiness that lives around

It refuses to live in captivity

Happiness and possession are from different galaxies

Captivity is not what the Blue Bird dreams about

It is freedom”

“Everybody is creative. To remember what it is (was) you have to remember your childhood. Be silly, be ridiculous, let go of what you know. You do not know all that much. Just be what you want to be.”

Svetlana writes from her heart and wants each person to take his or her own interpretation from her writings. She writes for the love of writing. She has passions about many things; she is not scared to put the pen to the page. This in itself is a gift. She does not care if her hub score goes up or down, or to win any competition, she writes because,

“I despise competition

I am not going to fight you for the first place

It is too crowded

I am taking the last one

At least it will be only mine.

If you want to score


Take everything

In a match “15:Love”

I will take Love

I will take Love any day

No, it does not depend on anything”

One of Svetlana’s greatest joys is her son Daniel.

Being a mother is one of her greatest joys. Svetlana’s shares some of the problems boys and girls face in school. She is like any other mother wanting the best for her child. She has written a great hub on the struggles that children face in a school setting.

“But for my son I do not wish conformity, I do not wish my bumpy journey; I want him to know who he is, what he is, what he is good at and that at any rate he can succeed. I do believe that every child is creative, talented, capable, and unique. All our children need for blooming are the right conditions, love and patience.’

There is one more thing that I would like to share about Svetlana and that is her love of dance. Bringing all the colors together in a perfect dance and it all lives within my friend Svetlana.

“It was October 2011. The month of magic and romance. But tango is not a secret. Tango was a catalyst for me, because I am a dancer. They said “you are a natural”. Natural versus artificial. Dancing is in my nature, I knew it all along. But… what took me so long? It does not matter as long as I keep going in the right direction.Wherever you go, there you are. I am ” At peace with myself. Finally.”

Thank you my friend for allowing me to share your thoughts and writings. I am sure I have not covered all the depths of your creative self, but it has been fun trying.  It has been my honor.

God bless,


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Introducing Darrel Day

“I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright”.  ~Henry David Thoreau

I love Writing, outdoors anything, walking in the woods, family and friends. I spend as much time in the outdoors as weather allows me too. I love to fish or take walks with my dog, Kota. Life is short so i want to pack in as much living as I can.”

Darrel Day has written and published in print, three suspense novels titled  ‘Abduction”, Penance {the sequel to Abduction} and ‘Until Death Do We Meet’. He
has written and published his first E-Book titled “Ice Changers”, now available
for Amazon Kindle, the Nook and in print format. He has written and published
his first short story titled The Forest Has Ears. This is the first part in a  series still being written. He is the singer/lyrics writer of over 100 songs  and has produced a CD titled “SimplyD” that includes 13 of his songs. Darrel  continues to write and just recently published his fourth novel titled Penance.  It is now available both in print format and E-Book format.. He is also trying  to add a fifth novel to his personal library, at this time.
Darrel has a  great passion for the outdoors and spends as much time as life allows at a lake near his home. He loves to fish and watch the wild-life that surround the lake.
He considers the inspiration he finds while walking along the shore line  immeasurable. He takes what he sees and transfers the scene to the written word. Life experiences have given him the ability to feel what he sees and create a  novel from it.

Until Death Do We Meet

Death should be something that brings us to our final resting place, a peaceful
place that prepares us for the next step into eternal life away from earth.
What, then, happens to our souls, our very beings, should we leave behind
unfinished business? What criteria must we first meet before being allowed to go
to the afterlife?


Sometimes, our worst nightmares come back over and over again. For james and
Trisha, their horror never ended. Dark motel rooms, filled with evil and the  need to Kill. A body washing up on a shore. Pittown had know idea what still  lurked in it’s shadows. For John and Leo, death was becoming a far too  common. For Ronnie and Gloria… death was just a way of life. Who could live  through the insanity they have brought with them? Their reign of Terror is just  beginning. Who will live or die? You might be surprised.

Ice Changers
A novel that takes you to the Peruvian Andes and the Incas once lost royal retreat of Machu Picchu. An expedition led  by a man who has once chance to beat the cancer that is killing his body. He and  his team will discover a Valley inhabited by creatures Not of this world. Giant  moths that become beautiful Venesian   woman. Rommel’s army, brought to life by a  single thought. Creatures with one purpose only and that is to steal one of  earth’s most precious commodities and take it back to their planet. John has  one chance to save his own life. To do so, he must also save two worlds… or lose everything.

Four Short Stories of Suspense

A camping trip that went Very bad, running for your families very life, a writer
whose words come to life in a horrible way and a magical wall, so thin it can be
torn by a whisper. These are the stories that come to life and pull you inside
their pages.  “Life is busy and there isn’t always time to sit and read a 400
page novel. Inside the pages of this book, you will find stories as alive and
contagious as any full length novel. The difference? The stories are 1/4 the
length of the full length novel. Here, you can read four short stories, one at a
time and still live life to it’s fullest. I promise, you won’t be  disappointed.”

Links to Darrel’s work.



Thank you Darrel for letting me share your work. I pray all your dreams come true!


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