Introducing Darrel Day

“I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright”.  ~Henry David Thoreau

I love Writing, outdoors anything, walking in the woods, family and friends. I spend as much time in the outdoors as weather allows me too. I love to fish or take walks with my dog, Kota. Life is short so i want to pack in as much living as I can.”

Darrel Day has written and published in print, three suspense novels titled  ‘Abduction”, Penance {the sequel to Abduction} and ‘Until Death Do We Meet’. He
has written and published his first E-Book titled “Ice Changers”, now available
for Amazon Kindle, the Nook and in print format. He has written and published
his first short story titled The Forest Has Ears. This is the first part in a  series still being written. He is the singer/lyrics writer of over 100 songs  and has produced a CD titled “SimplyD” that includes 13 of his songs. Darrel  continues to write and just recently published his fourth novel titled Penance.  It is now available both in print format and E-Book format.. He is also trying  to add a fifth novel to his personal library, at this time.
Darrel has a  great passion for the outdoors and spends as much time as life allows at a lake near his home. He loves to fish and watch the wild-life that surround the lake.
He considers the inspiration he finds while walking along the shore line  immeasurable. He takes what he sees and transfers the scene to the written word. Life experiences have given him the ability to feel what he sees and create a  novel from it.

Until Death Do We Meet

Death should be something that brings us to our final resting place, a peaceful
place that prepares us for the next step into eternal life away from earth.
What, then, happens to our souls, our very beings, should we leave behind
unfinished business? What criteria must we first meet before being allowed to go
to the afterlife?


Sometimes, our worst nightmares come back over and over again. For james and
Trisha, their horror never ended. Dark motel rooms, filled with evil and the  need to Kill. A body washing up on a shore. Pittown had know idea what still  lurked in it’s shadows. For John and Leo, death was becoming a far too  common. For Ronnie and Gloria… death was just a way of life. Who could live  through the insanity they have brought with them? Their reign of Terror is just  beginning. Who will live or die? You might be surprised.

Ice Changers
A novel that takes you to the Peruvian Andes and the Incas once lost royal retreat of Machu Picchu. An expedition led  by a man who has once chance to beat the cancer that is killing his body. He and  his team will discover a Valley inhabited by creatures Not of this world. Giant  moths that become beautiful Venesian   woman. Rommel’s army, brought to life by a  single thought. Creatures with one purpose only and that is to steal one of  earth’s most precious commodities and take it back to their planet. John has  one chance to save his own life. To do so, he must also save two worlds… or lose everything.

Four Short Stories of Suspense

A camping trip that went Very bad, running for your families very life, a writer
whose words come to life in a horrible way and a magical wall, so thin it can be
torn by a whisper. These are the stories that come to life and pull you inside
their pages.  “Life is busy and there isn’t always time to sit and read a 400
page novel. Inside the pages of this book, you will find stories as alive and
contagious as any full length novel. The difference? The stories are 1/4 the
length of the full length novel. Here, you can read four short stories, one at a
time and still live life to it’s fullest. I promise, you won’t be  disappointed.”

Links to Darrel’s work.



Thank you Darrel for letting me share your work. I pray all your dreams come true!



9 thoughts on “Introducing Darrel Day

  1. Sunnie this is yet another great interview. You have taken this Pen to Page and turned it into a writers who’s who. You have introduced yet another fine writer here. Your energy has elevated all of us.

  2. Great interview Sunnie. Darrel, it is so nice to know you now. Writing books, writing anything is very hard work. You have accomplished much and deservedly so. I will look for you on HubPages. Regards, Hyphenbird aka Brenda.

    • Thank you Brenda, It is my honor as always to show case such a talent..I hope Darrel likes it and it brings more visitors to his site and buyers for his books,

  3. You are an Angel, Sunnie. The song you chose estonished me. As a singer/songwriter, one of my earliest influences was Gordon Lightfoot. I say his songs at many outdoor gatherings and “if you could read my mind” had and has a very special place inside of me for reasons that shall remain mine.
    You open doors for writers and touch our lives in a special way. I do not believe that people find one another in as much as I feel they are brought together for a a season and reason. I am thankful for the blessing of you, Sunnie. What you did here was nothing short of Beautiful. I thank you with my heart and soul.
    Always, I am………..Just me. Darrel

    • Dear Darrel,
      I am so happy that the song was the right choice. It just seemed like it fit you. I promise I get just as much enjoyment out of doing this as you do reading it. I love to make people smile and this is just a small way of giving. As things change or new books come out, please let me know so I can update your feature. It is my honor and I am so thankful you like it.
      Take care my dear friend,

  4. Sunnie, I thank you for sharing the awesome talent that is Darrel Day. I have enjoyed his writing and envy his perspectives on life. He is truly a creative writer, whose inspiration comes from within his soul.

    Darrel, I wish you all the success with your writing that you truly deserve. You should be proud of what you have achieved. Much love, Net. (bluestar)

  5. Sunnie,

    It is so wonderful to have a summary of all of Darrel’s fabulous writing’s in one location for easier reference. I have now followed two of his stories on HubPages and find his writing style to be unique and compelling. This is a great showcase for a writer with much talent. Thanks, Maria

  6. H Sunnie,
    This pen to page of yours is amazing and you have introduced another new writer for me to follow.
    Brilliant my friend and carry on with this great work.
    Take care and have a wonderful day.

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