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Introducing kimberlyslyrics otherwise known as Kimberly Gray

“It is my pleasure to introduce to you Kimberly Gray our kimberlyslyrics on Hubpages. She likes to say she is a rhyming savant, who she is, and she is so much more. Her writing will enlighten, your senses she will heighten and your awareness she will brighten. Do you need something to read? Want to be taken to places other writers cannot find? Look up kimberlyslyrics and be prepared to be touched.” MF

When I asked Kimberly to send me, a bio this is what she felt was the most important things to share.

The Best I Can Be is Me. 

I have survived too many painful and demoralizing times in my life.  Believe me I seek no pity, remorse, justice or revenge.  Each challenge and trauma turned into a gift over time. Gifts came from every magical delivery. Magic of course, being free, I keep turning into endless experiences of change.

Even now, I must still say people are my favorite things, if we are things.  For all the heartache, I remain grateful and for people at face value.  Like fireflies, people lead me to places I would otherwise not go.  I learn so much.  You are my school, my teachers.

I heal, and when hurt again, it is worth it from the time spent believing our shared moment was true. Being schizophrenic, has gifted me with an imagination I channel in words and photography.  Visual and written expressions have always been my greatest form to stay grounded, in a mystic form of healing.  I am finally at a stage of my life of sound mind to the point I, understand reality.  Truth be told, I still prefer and live in my imaginary mind’s world.

If granted a wish at any time, it would be that my message of words reaches someone in the same situation.  To simply reach them, knowing they are not alone. See, I believe we all, everyone, has a story.  The magical part of that reality, is there will always be someone, somewhere that needs to hear yours.

We are all writers.  We are all human.  We all err.  We all excel.  We all need to not be alone.  May you never be. I ask each morning that people treat me today as I treated them yesterday.  Many days have given me such hope from this.

My writings are for me, not a writer, rather a messenger, to scream, “I care.”  My messages are to heal, first me, then, I hope you.  Whether it’s tears, laughter, sarcasm, shock, disgust, disagreement, relating, or just through reading.  Thank you, for what you do, not what you are.”

Kimberly Gray,

I love you Sydney.

Writing terrifies me. Writing provokes me. Writing inspires me. Writing identifies me. Writing drives me. Writing defines me. Writing speaks for me. Writing frees me. Writing challenges me. Writing protects me. Writing excites me. Writing knows me. Writing dares me. Writing strengthens me. Writing teaches me. Writing frustrates me. Writing directs me. Writing rewards me. Writing purges me. Writing introduces me. Writing shares me. Writing stays with me. Writing cries with me. Writing laughs with me.

Kimberly shares one of her favorite videos of Tupac who was shot dead at 26.
 “I believe the greatest poet of our time. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we turned our focus from world peace and started focusing on the kids war on the streets?” KG
Who is kimberlylyrics? If you have taken the time to get to know her, you will find a kind soul! She is a fighter in life…one that does not give up so easily…through the fire, she is refining herself like pure gold. SD

Kimberly’s favorite quote is : ” every morning as I blow dry my hair I say to myself; please, may people treat me today as I treated them yesterday.” KG

“For me to be the best lyricist I want to be, I try to find a way to balance the romantic soul within me with the perceptive, down-to-earth person who is out on that street everyday.  I have only just begun” KG

This is one of my favorite hubs that Kimberly wrote:

Message in a full bottle 

Needless to say it was wet

The ink smudged and I was blue

Ocean roaring slamming to sand

I did sit along with it in the sun to dry

Funny how the sun goes in then comes out

Problems don’t exist just at the tip

Of that waters edge

Funny how you get wet then not

Does this work for you?

When everything looks just like


I prefer transparent visuals

Never liked the beach but today

Until I found this bottle

With its smudged message

Now drying in the heat

Ridiculous I even care but as it dries

Words are forming

Right in front of me

On that hot sand

Using the paper to reunite

They are re assembling

Gathering together

I unsure if it is what was written

Or that in which meant to be written

No coincidences

No magic

No special effects

Just ink paper sun and sand

Creating a formed perfectly written

Letter to someone whom I can’t read yet

Time is what this note needed

For our turn to feel its soul

I was glad for the sunburn

Intrigued about the heat

It was running through my veins

Excitement a true buzz

It was freaking me out

No one around to tell

A bare beach on a perfect day

Did the bottle run them away?

Or was it I?

It was always me

In my depression I gulped

The oceans whiskey to look down

The note was perfect

Not one ink spot or smudge

How this happened I still don’t know

How it came to me I will never know

But It did and it read









Author unknown

That was the last time I took a drink

I took that half bottle of whiskey

Put the note back in

Sealed it back up

Walked to the end of the pier

Threw that glass as hard and far

As every strength of me could


This is her baby Shoshauna. She is a rising star and also has her own hub!. Looking at that face  who could not help but fall in love with her.

Kimberly won out of 460,000 hubbers 1 of 4 hubbie awards this past fall for best poet!
Kimberly’s Links:
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Newest release! Please check out Kimberly’s new book!
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Introducing Chaya Parmessur

It is my honor to introduce you to a talented writer, Chaya  Parmessur,  who was born in Mauritius  from an Indian family settled in  Mauritius from the Indian State of  Bihar. Mauritius  is an island nation off the southeast coast of the African continent in the southwest Indian Ocean.

She received a scholarship from  the Mauritian Government and studied  Chemical Engineering at Emmanuel  College, Cambridge University and lived  in the United Kingdom for 14 years.  In  1997, tired of the English weather, she  went to work in Perth, Western  Australia, where she is now a permanent  resident.  Chaya is now living in Paris  and working as a Senior Process Engineer in the oil and gas industry.  Chaya has traveled extensively, visiting  more than 35 countries and has a  fascination for all the different  cultures and people of the world.

Chaya also enjoys playing the piano,  painting, writing, reading, cooking, and yoga.

“Yoga is my everyday passion and my hub on “How to become a yoga instructor” was selected for the Fav 14 competition.”

How to become a Yoga Teacher

Chaya published her first novel in 2004 called which is called,

The Snake Spirit Part 1 The Fire Giver

The  Snake Spirit, Part 1, is her first  novel and she is already working on  Part 2.  Chaya has been a writer all  her life, but over the last few years,  helped by a supportive Creative Writing  Group, she suddenly found her own  original voice.  The image of her  great-grandmother, who had died when  the author was eleven, became vivid and  many of the stories recounted by the  old lady started surfacing from some  remote corner of the subconscious. ”

Here is a description of Chaya’s book, which you will find quite fascinating.

“Time is running out for Dado, the Cursed One, who has to  pass on all her powers to her great-granddaughter, Nandi,  who is fascinated by the inhabitants of the Big Old House,  including Local Einstein, The Philosopher, The Alcoholic,  The Exorcist as well as the Spirits who reside there. As  Nandi finds out more about her family’s turbulent past,  her own life experiences take her to places she never knew  existed. This is the story of an Indian family making  an incredible journey, like millions of people all over the  world, to settle on the island of Mauritius, a Paradise at  first glance.The story combines depth of feeling  with great imagination. Here, there is realism and magic at  work.” CP

Please enjoy one of Chaya’s favorite poems that she wrote.

“In my novel, a philosopher teaches the protagonist, a young girl, about most of the philosophical questions about our existence. One day he disappears from her life and he leaves her a poem.” CP

The Universe and You

The Universe and me?

In this expansive universe

I am hardly conspicuous

Yet, my ego is everywhere.

Unconditional love?

How beautiful!

Yet, I take advantage of those who love me.

What about Reality?

Maybe a Matrix does control me

My reality is a mere illusion.

The Age of Kali?

Kali, the goddess of destruction

She is warning me to stop

Yet, I march on bravely.


Buddha said the way to end suffering

Is to look deep within

Where that sacred place awaits me.

Nirvana is the ultimate heaven.

Jesus crucified?

The image of Jesus being crucified

Still gives me nightmares

Yet he was happy to die and forgive us.

He found that place Buddha was talking about.

Reclining Buddha

Jesus on the Cross

Fierce Kali

They are all trying to tell me something.

I think I know what, but how can I be sure?

Why are there sects?

Sects form and disappear

Mass suicide, their preferred way to depart

What do they see that I do not see?

Is what I see really there?

The close by stars are

Several light years away

I cannot imagine these distances.

As I stare I realize these stars may be dead

I am staring at their past.

How can I be sure anything exists then?

The Truth?

Great sages all claim they know the Truth

They have seen It in their meditations

In their communion with the Supreme being.

When will I know the Truth?


Scientists dream of discovering

The truth about our beginnings

Science can explain almost everything.

That’s what they tell me.

Waiting for…

A messiah

Kalki on his white horse

Anyone who will come and rescue me.

Yet there is one Truth I am sure of

My Universe revolves around you.

Chaya’s links:

Thank you Chaya for letting me honor you today and share your gift. Wishing you much success in your continued journey as a writer and in life.


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