Introducing kimberlyslyrics otherwise known as Kimberly Gray

“It is my pleasure to introduce to you Kimberly Gray our kimberlyslyrics on Hubpages. She likes to say she is a rhyming savant, who she is, and she is so much more. Her writing will enlighten, your senses she will heighten and your awareness she will brighten. Do you need something to read? Want to be taken to places other writers cannot find? Look up kimberlyslyrics and be prepared to be touched.” MF

When I asked Kimberly to send me, a bio this is what she felt was the most important things to share.

The Best I Can Be is Me. 

I have survived too many painful and demoralizing times in my life.  Believe me I seek no pity, remorse, justice or revenge.  Each challenge and trauma turned into a gift over time. Gifts came from every magical delivery. Magic of course, being free, I keep turning into endless experiences of change.

Even now, I must still say people are my favorite things, if we are things.  For all the heartache, I remain grateful and for people at face value.  Like fireflies, people lead me to places I would otherwise not go.  I learn so much.  You are my school, my teachers.

I heal, and when hurt again, it is worth it from the time spent believing our shared moment was true. Being schizophrenic, has gifted me with an imagination I channel in words and photography.  Visual and written expressions have always been my greatest form to stay grounded, in a mystic form of healing.  I am finally at a stage of my life of sound mind to the point I, understand reality.  Truth be told, I still prefer and live in my imaginary mind’s world.

If granted a wish at any time, it would be that my message of words reaches someone in the same situation.  To simply reach them, knowing they are not alone. See, I believe we all, everyone, has a story.  The magical part of that reality, is there will always be someone, somewhere that needs to hear yours.

We are all writers.  We are all human.  We all err.  We all excel.  We all need to not be alone.  May you never be. I ask each morning that people treat me today as I treated them yesterday.  Many days have given me such hope from this.

My writings are for me, not a writer, rather a messenger, to scream, “I care.”  My messages are to heal, first me, then, I hope you.  Whether it’s tears, laughter, sarcasm, shock, disgust, disagreement, relating, or just through reading.  Thank you, for what you do, not what you are.”

Kimberly Gray,

I love you Sydney.

Writing terrifies me. Writing provokes me. Writing inspires me. Writing identifies me. Writing drives me. Writing defines me. Writing speaks for me. Writing frees me. Writing challenges me. Writing protects me. Writing excites me. Writing knows me. Writing dares me. Writing strengthens me. Writing teaches me. Writing frustrates me. Writing directs me. Writing rewards me. Writing purges me. Writing introduces me. Writing shares me. Writing stays with me. Writing cries with me. Writing laughs with me.

Kimberly shares one of her favorite videos of Tupac who was shot dead at 26.
 “I believe the greatest poet of our time. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we turned our focus from world peace and started focusing on the kids war on the streets?” KG
Who is kimberlylyrics? If you have taken the time to get to know her, you will find a kind soul! She is a fighter in life…one that does not give up so easily…through the fire, she is refining herself like pure gold. SD

Kimberly’s favorite quote is : ” every morning as I blow dry my hair I say to myself; please, may people treat me today as I treated them yesterday.” KG

“For me to be the best lyricist I want to be, I try to find a way to balance the romantic soul within me with the perceptive, down-to-earth person who is out on that street everyday.  I have only just begun” KG

This is one of my favorite hubs that Kimberly wrote:

Message in a full bottle 

Needless to say it was wet

The ink smudged and I was blue

Ocean roaring slamming to sand

I did sit along with it in the sun to dry

Funny how the sun goes in then comes out

Problems don’t exist just at the tip

Of that waters edge

Funny how you get wet then not

Does this work for you?

When everything looks just like


I prefer transparent visuals

Never liked the beach but today

Until I found this bottle

With its smudged message

Now drying in the heat

Ridiculous I even care but as it dries

Words are forming

Right in front of me

On that hot sand

Using the paper to reunite

They are re assembling

Gathering together

I unsure if it is what was written

Or that in which meant to be written

No coincidences

No magic

No special effects

Just ink paper sun and sand

Creating a formed perfectly written

Letter to someone whom I can’t read yet

Time is what this note needed

For our turn to feel its soul

I was glad for the sunburn

Intrigued about the heat

It was running through my veins

Excitement a true buzz

It was freaking me out

No one around to tell

A bare beach on a perfect day

Did the bottle run them away?

Or was it I?

It was always me

In my depression I gulped

The oceans whiskey to look down

The note was perfect

Not one ink spot or smudge

How this happened I still don’t know

How it came to me I will never know

But It did and it read









Author unknown

That was the last time I took a drink

I took that half bottle of whiskey

Put the note back in

Sealed it back up

Walked to the end of the pier

Threw that glass as hard and far

As every strength of me could


This is her baby Shoshauna. She is a rising star and also has her own hub!. Looking at that face  who could not help but fall in love with her.

Kimberly won out of 460,000 hubbers 1 of 4 hubbie awards this past fall for best poet!
Kimberly’s Links:
These few 10 hubs have a message [I hope}
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Pull my Finger [fathers recent death]
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Canada’s 10 worst serial killers
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Proceed without Caution
Porcelain Princesses
I am so tired of being afraid
Don’t Bother
You make me laugh
When we die by choice
A woman’s passion exposed
My minds world
Newest release! Please check out Kimberly’s new book!

54 thoughts on “Introducing kimberlyslyrics otherwise known as Kimberly Gray

  1. Sunnie, I love you I do

    Thank You so very much-I’m not sure who the wonderful girl you just talked about but sure am glad you used my name. If only more, many more had your heart, your talent speaks for itself.

    Now I have snot, gotta run crying is smudging my mascara too!

    ps love you!

    Kimberly Gray

    • Oh Kimberly….your words touch me so…I am so happy to do this..It brings so much joy to do this. I pray this brings readers your way. Your life will touch many who have gone through many of the struggles you speak of. Thank you for letting me share your life.
      God Bless you!
      I love you too,

  2. What I admire in Kimberly is her honesty, courage/guts, talent, intelligence, fighting spirit and most of all her willingness to share her life experiences and thoughts with others. Thanks to her we obtain knowledge, insight and wisdom that intensify our empathy with and compassion on all who suffer schizophrenia. My wish for Kimberly is peace and happiness every day of her life.

    The prayer “God granted me the serenity….” was apparently that of Karl Paul Reinhold Niebuhr (June 21, 1892 – June 1, 1971); it is indeed a terrific guideline to consider daily by all and everybody.

    Kimberly, I am so proud to be your follower in HubPages.

    Thanks, Sunnie, for introducing Kimberly as the talented writer and amazing woman she is.

  3. Thank you to all who attempt to know of, learn from, and as have I, allow yourself to be deeply touched by such an amazingly caring and loving soul….. What a gift of life!!!

    Thank you Kimberly…..

    and of course, thank you, as well….Sunnie’.. for spotlighting my girl…..

  4. What can I say about Kimberlyslyrics perhaps this:

    She’s often melodious
    Borders nefarious
    Will sand down your radius
    Never censorious
    Penetrates glorious
    Completely hilarious
    Never precarious
    Works are so various
    I read with an alias
    Her words Stradivarius

    • What can I say about Mike……….

      He is my imaginary childhood friend, who lets me remain a child even though we have grown up. He is non-judgemental and a genius writer. A muse. I do not flatter or lie. These words are true. If only – well I need words – to describe my mystic admiration and love for Mike, I thank you mate



  5. This is a superb moment to make clear the dedication of the rest of my life to Kimberly, the most incredibly empathetic, caring, loving, touching…..genius of a woman, on the planet…

    However I may ever be, as to how this incredible woman will (and does) have me (and I have supreme confidence in the outcome to come of that), one thing is absolutely clear, I will be a powerful part of her life the absolute rest of mine….period… and there, in totality, all at once, I assert to be, and will always be her fellow writer, artist partner, body guard, business partner, advisor, pal, friend, confidant, lover, husband, life mate, soul mate …., best friend forever!!!

    I know, Kimberly, with her love, compassion, and the shear depth of her mind numbing ability to care, she has, quite literally, changed my life a thousand times over….and just so happens to be the greatest of gift of my entire life… I will stand at her side for the rest of my life and dedicate mine to protecting her from harm or pain….

    There is a supreme poetry and music in the reality of that, especially here in the painfully superficial world of the ‘net. Much can be said here that’s entertaining and lovely, but when it comes down to the endless streaming moments of our real lives, the “real” “day to day” challenges and threats, it’s been my experience that very few people have done much, and yet will ever do anything, , and, in terms of Kimberly’s potential, we are talking about the grandest of scales, no less, ….. again..I only (quietly), stand at her side ….. “forever and a day”…

    • bb I know you so well and yet every time you share a thought, an emotion, an opinion, support, humour or creativity you amaze me every time. Shocking to say the least and to say the most, flattering. Thank you for your devotion and kind words that always make my day.
      forever and a day………………..

  6. Sunnie, thank you so much for sharing Kimberly’s story. She is, indeed, an incredible person. I’ve known her for about 17 years, and maintain (although she disagrees) that she is the most courageous person I have ever met. Despite remarkable hardships, she continues to be generous and caring and tries to help others however she is able to.

    • Dear Chris,
      It was truly my honor. I see such a strong, wonderful, and loving person. I am thankful and proud to help Kimberly shine with her wonderful work. Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a kind comment.
      God bless,

    • Chris you always have known how to keep me speechless with your words. Then feel the angel in you as I watch you what you do. You are not told enough how fantastic you are. Thank you for not just saving my life but having faith in me that I could survive this thing called life. Thank you I love you

  7. To Everyone,

    Kimmie is a person unlike anyone you will ever meet. She has been beaten down so man times, but rises like a Phoenix. Her beauty that is visual to all, is nothing compared to what lyes within.

    If the true Kim is released, the world will be a better place.

    With love for what she is,

  8. Kimberly, I think you know that i love you. I love your spirit. I love your playfulness. I love your forgiving heart. ( You know what i mean ) I love your poetry. I guess last but not least, I love your honesty. Thank you for being my friend.

    • Ruby I am inspired by your writings, touched deeply by your commitment, I learn and respect your honesty, your devotion as a follower leads the pack and I am sorry I am not as available as I should be but even more so

      I love you for who you are not what you do

      Thank you so so much

  9. Kimberly is one of the most sweetest and most wonderful people you will ever meet. I have been on hub pages for almost 2 years now, and I remember that Kimberly’s profile page and hubs where the first I discovered as a new hubber. I remember being in awe of her writing and of her life experiences. She certainly deserves all the love this world has to offer as she gives her love so freely to others. She is truly an angel from heaven. God bless you Kimberly

    • Ron, you know I feel so much the same the instant we met, we don’t talk enough but overcompensate by getting each others back bar none. Thanks for reading this Ron and then the comment brought tears to my eyes,

      God Bless my good friend and Godspeed ZZ

      love you


  10. I am not Kimberly Gray, in fact I am not kimberlyslyrics, and am nameless due to the fact sunnie has assembled the most incredible piece here for that girl. That girl is so overwhelmed she has convinced herself these are typos as surely no one could be this fortunate. Again, certainly not me.

    As I ramble on making no sense but desperately trying to, please excuse the assembly of words and my apologies as reading this will lower your IQ. Bottom line, I feel so special and looking at this as if I was an outsider it is magnificent in design, creative, thorough, kind, multi media friendly and represents the true subject, me. Sunnie how you do this can only be explained by true talent.

    Thank you and Tonka again. I feel odd asking but I must know. These comments brought such tears to my eyes and thank you thank you everyone, am I allowed to respond individually or should I post one more rambling LOL post to everyone? I don’t want to mess up a perfect format.

    Ah forget it, you all drive me nuts anyways, ok just kidding and wasn’t even funny, but that was? sigh just seem so self absorbed I could leave hubs and leave articles in Sunnies comment boxes ha

    I love with such admiration for each and every one of you.


    • Hi Kimberly this is all yours my love…you can respond as many times as you want…this is your autobiography page..unless they say something to me then i try to respond but this is my gift to you…big hug and yes this is all you…loved and respected!

      Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4GLTE Phone

      • sunnie your fabulous even responding on the go on your cell. Thank you, I wish so much to have your time management skills, oh please blog or hub how you do it-lot’s of us could use the help!

        just saying……………………………….

  11. Sunnie, thank you for recognizing how special Kimberly is and providing this avenue for all of us to celebrate her a bit. I could easily run through a list of superlatives to convey my own feeling toward her, if she were nothing more than beautiful to look at she is so beautiful that this would mark her as worthy of esteem, but she is kind, warm, smart, and of course creative.

    But my own delight in Kimberly is what she does with her kindness, warmth, etc. I know Kimberly from Hubpages, and when I first arrived there my intention was to write theological essays, and perhaps some articles on American Blues music, films, etc. I’ve never counted myself a poet, but have enjoyed expressing myself in meter and rhyme as long as I can remember – I’ve thought of myself as a word-smith of sorts, maybe, but not a poet. For me, Kimberly’s kindness & warmth was manifested in her encouragement to me to post some of my poems.

    So, I just don’t merely like her a lot, or think she’s pretty cool, etc – Kimberly has had a genuine impact on me and my plans and my intentions – I have now posted on HubPages a good number of the poems I’d written through the years and I had no intention of doing so . . . and, as Kimberly told me, this was a bit out of my comfort zone. So, we all know she’s pretty and good and smart, etc – but I just wonder how many lives she’s impacted, how many she has swayed, how many she has inspired. Every time we bump into our fellow men, when we part they take something of us with them, they are inclined to ‘this’ or to ‘that’, they head one way or another . . . they might not recognize the significance of that meeting, we certainly don’t know of all of the consequences, but I suspect that Kimberly has left behind her an innumerable legion of us, we who are a better ‘us’ having bumped into her. I adore her.

    • Hello Micky,
      What a beautiful comment that I am sure will bless Kimberly and I too feel blessed just from reading it..I am going to go to your hub and read..I feel honored to meet more and more talented writers..Maybe you will let me do your autobiography as well??? :)Just a thought..Thank you for stopping by and offering such a beautiful comment.
      God bless,

  12. Sunnie ~ I think I need to continue thanking Kimberly . . . I feel she’s introducing me to another genuine sweetheart – I hope you and I can become great pals. Please do let me know whatever your thoughts on my hubs . . . I’m not seeking traffic or to increase my exposure or anything – I honestly have a blank as to how my stuff is perceived by others and always appreciate critical and honest input.

  13. sunnie

    shoshauna just pooped in my Mary Janes – that’s the final straw no treats for a full day and I shall sing all day as she says I sound like a dying seagull. sunnie we’ll see who’s boss [I know I know]

  14. Sunnie what more can I say that hasn’t already be said about this wonderful person we all love and admire for not only her writing skills but her brutal honesty about herself and her LIFE. Kim I want you to know that the Saddle may not always be there commenting on your Hubs but I am there reading with my eyes wide open and my heart and soul at times aching from what you have laid down. Being the Poet I am, it saddens me yet uplifts me that you have taken your life, recreated YOU and have shared without malice or want of accolade all that had befallen you in your walk. My dear I admire you for talking the talk with brutal honesty and haven walked the walk and nobody can criticize you unless they have walked in your shoes.

    I know the mean streets of life, I’ve been a witness, I’ve seen the pain, sadness, anger, loss and death. I am simply a humble poet who scribes from his soul, much like you a traveler here penning our verse, our hopes and our dreams hoping to inspire others to take that giant leap of faith and let go of their fears and depressions and abuse. SPEAK out let the world know how you feel, don’t hold it in for it festers and eats us from the inside out. My friend Kim and fellow scribe, I am truly honored to appear in your shadows now and then and humbled in your presence.

    May you continue to rise like that Phoenix that you are and be a witness to all around you that Kim is strong, moving forward and flying with outstretched wings like the mighty Eagle in her sky. May the force stay with you, may your maker continue to lead your shining star and may we some day both meet on the other side of the Milky Way. Peace and sincere blessings to you my generous friend. Big hugs from the Saddle to you.

    • Saddle, you came! You touch me so as always and I loved that you came, thank you. You are definitely one person I wanted to see this, and you did. Thank you but more so thank you for your words. You have always been there for me and have given me your time and wise words as a friend when I desperately needed them so. That’s the truth! You and your son are always in my prayers and I will never tire of reading which is nothing short of magic words you gift us all with. Thank you my friend, thank you so much. xoxo

  15. Wow… This was a wonderfully written display of a wonderful woman. The strength Kimberly has shown me over the past two years, continues to inspire me to push myself but more imoprtantly to remain myself-regardless of the past and regardless of the pain. Sunnie Day, you are a great writer and doing this for such a deserving person makes me smile and made this cold wet day in Texas- a great day. I love how Hubbers continue to support and to give, both on and off of HubPages…. Kuddos to both of you! Thanks Kim for sharing!
    H.C Porter (HubPages)

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  17. You are indeed a gifted writer and mentor for many who are on th road to recovery. Hugs are in order and all we can say is go girl… Go. Just remember Limits exists only in our minds….


    • Rolly many thanks to you for your kind patient and wise leadership you have inspired me with. You my friend are truly one of he good ones. Thank you for that

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    • I walk in the shadow of a giant, You, my best friend, Kimberly, and thank you sunnie’ for your comment and wonderful tribute ….

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