Introducing Carolee Samuda Otherwise Known as Cardisa

It is my privilege to introduce you to Carolee Samuda also known as Cardisa. I met Carolee on Hub pages and have been very blessed to read many poems and stories by her creative hand. Carolee has such a zest for life and is forever an encourager. I hope you will enjoy learning more about this talented writer.

Carolee Samuda was born in the beautiful island of Jamaica. She was born and raised in the eastern country side of the island but spent most of her adult life working and living in the city.

Carolee considers herself a “Jane of all trades” as she has worked in many industries throughout her work life. She started out as a data entry clerk after graduating high school, but when the center closed she went on to become a waitress in a local restaurant. The restaurant was not paying her much so she moved to the city where she worked in another restaurant delivering lunches. After three months of being underpaid, she realized she was better off by returning home. In only a short time, she found a job as a nanny, which was two parishes away.

Being a nanny was fulfilling but her employer got pregnant again and decided to be a stay at home mom; so out of work, Carolee found a job being a waitress, serving drinks in a bar. She spent the better part of one year working in several bars until fed up and frustrated, she moved back to the country. All this  was stirring around her while her passion for writing beckoned  her still. It was then she began releasing her poetry, short stories, no longer hiding them from the world.

This quote reminds me of my friend Carolee….SD

“There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why…I dream of things that never were and ask why not?” Robert Francis Kennedy

After several years working as nanny, housekeeper, waitress, and secretary, she finally found an industry that suited her. Working in the fitness industry was like a calling and she spent ten years working and studying her craft, but still her writing beckoned.

Her experiences have taught her to be strong and the skills she has acquired are now helping her to realize her dream of writing. Her aspirations are still being realized as her foremost dream is be an accomplished author.

Carolee has one book published for Kindle and is currently working on others. Her online publishing platform is and she is a member of the freelancing site where she earns an income working for clients.

Carolee works from home full-time and lives with her fiancé Leroy, her six goats, and two dogs. There will be an addition to the family soon via way of a cat!

Carolee serves on the Hub team as part of the ‘Hub Elite’ team as a ‘Greeter’. She serves in many different capacities, answering questions, and helping with various new projects. She also welcomes new hubbers and offers them a warm welcome.

Your Illusion Is My Delusion – Poem

The delusion of your illusion

Illusive confusion

Your illusion is my delusion

Caught you within my sight

A fleeting moment

Illusive visions


And contrivance

Capturing dreams

Painting pictures

Mind altering images

Adrenaline impulses

Imprinted in memory

Pulses race

Glimpse your face

Illusive flight

Another delusion tonight

Want what I can’t have

Have what I don’t want

I’m deluded by an illusion

Illusive visions

Deluded dreams

Yearning for it

Mind stretch forth

Reaching to have

Within my grasp

Thin air

Retreated visions

Were all illusions

Of my very own Delusions

Written by Carolee Samuda

Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved

Carolee’s favorite quote is more of a saying,

“When life feeds you lemons……” She usually like to complete it with her own words depending on the situation.

Some of Carolee’s favorite authors she enjoys are:

Danielle Steel, Barbara Cartland, Stephen King, Tom Clancy, Dean Koonz, and John Grisham.

Carolee’s links

Thank you Carolee for letting me share your life and writing with many. Wishing you a wonderful career full of open doors and opportunities.

13 thoughts on “Introducing Carolee Samuda Otherwise Known as Cardisa

  1. Hi Sunnie, thank you so much for featuring me on your blog. This means the world to me. I am so blessed to have you as a friend. Thanks a million!

  2. Dear Sunnie,

    I am so delighted to see my lovely friend profiled here. She is such a sweet lady, and a dear girl, whom I admire both for her writing, and for the dear heart that she is. Cardissa, is always willing to help and advise in any way she can, be it by Hub Pages, or private mail. Her encouraging comments are written from the heart. Thank you for another shinning star, who I am proud to know. She is a very talented and humble friend. Net xx

    • Thank you Net…I told Cardisa I have wanted to do this for quite happy it is finally done..Thank you again for reading and sharing about this wonderful friend,

  3. Hello Cardisa, You are one-of-a-kind. You are honest. You are willing to help anyone learn the computer. I love all of your stories. You have a natural gift for creative writing.. Best Wishes My Friend…

  4. It is lovely to know more about Cardisa-Carolee. What an interesting life and a talented writer. I love these interviews and being able to learn fascinating facts about extraordinary people. Thanks to both Carolee and Sunnie.

  5. For long time I have enjoyed reading Cardisa on hubpages. Her cultural articles are wonderful, her poems are captivating. We follow each others’ work. She constantly reads and writes wonderful comments on my hubs. Couple of days ago Carolee Samuda sent me a friend request on facebook. Now we are knowing each other even better. Thanks for sharing her life.

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