Introducing Rosemary Sadler

It is my pleasure to introduce Rosemary, a talented and gifted writer, who I met on Hubpages. I not only consider Rosemary a wonderful artist, but a great friend.  Please check out her bio and new book.

To Rosemary with Love! SD

A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.
– Maya Angelou

In Rosemary’s Words:

I was born in Yorkshire, England and now resident in New Zealand. As a child I enjoyed writing poetry and short stories; however a busy life as a Mother then Grandmother put my writing on hold. Some of my most precious memories are of tucking my children into bed and making up a story for them while they fell sweetly asleep or reading to them while they snuggled in my lap.
I have been extremely lucky to have been able to travel quite extensively and live for a while in different countries and to learn different cultures and see many beautiful places a great deal of which has inspired my writing and given me such an appreciation of the world we live in. It was also the best ever education for my children, not only in learning other cultures but it also taught them how to respect and accept others.

Just as my own children were ready to fly the nest we got a knock at the door at 2 am one morning, a friend in social services had 2 abandoned babies that she could not place. Our home was thrown into chaos for a couple of days because these 2 little mites had nothing except the diapers they wore. From there we started fostering teenagers. Being abused as a child myself I could relate to these kids. It took a lot of hard work patience, listening, talking, and hugs and love to show them that their lives had value and were worth living. It was truly wonderful to see them blossom and grow.

My family, friends and the beauty that surrounds us have been my inspiration for many of my poems. It is due to the encouragement of dear friends that I have decided to publish some of my work. My future plans are to publish more of my children’s poetry and also compile some of my ‘grown-up’ poetry and publish them and hope that they will reach out to others and touch their hearts. I hope you will enjoy reading my ebooks.

Orville and the Candy Wrapper is a children’s story in poetry form.
The story of Orville and the trouble he gets into when someone forgets to put their litter in the trash can. Poor Orville tries to catch the candy wrapper and put it where it belongs but gets into all sorts of trouble doing so.
The poem carries a message to remind children to not litter our beautiful countryside.

A special thanks to Mike Friedman for the wonderful illustrations contained in Orville and the Candy Wrappers.

You may find Rosemary’s new book on Smashwords

Rosemary’s Favorite Quote:
‘Life is not measured by the breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away’

Please check out Rosemary’s wonderful hubs on the link below.

Thank you Rosemary for letting me showcase your wonderful book and your creative work.



18 thoughts on “Introducing Rosemary Sadler

  1. It is indeed a SUNNY day to see my dear friend Rosemary showcased so beautifully by the lovely Sunnie! I am so delighted to see the growth and confidence in your writing through our months of friendship… now so exciting that you are publishing, accented by Mike’s cool illustrations! Your writing journey is an inspiration to me, girlfriend! Congratulations and hugs, Maria

      • Firstly Thank you Sunnie for showcasing my book. Your thoughfulness and kindness is very much appreciated
        Maria you are a dear sweet lady, you are always there ready to offer support and encouragement, and it is that encouragement that leads me down this road. Nobody could wish for a better friend. Thank you for being my firend. Love and hugs. Rosemary

  2. Sunnie, you are a star hunnie, for showing another side of my dear friend and supporter Rosemary. I have been so lucky to meet such a beautiful and talented lady, whose writing has gone from strength to strength since she joined Hub Pages. I know that if I am ever unsure of what I have written, Rosemary will always show me the good in myself. I love to read her poetry which is truly inspirational. I hope that she will continue to grow in her writing skills and make many more friends who are lucky to support her, as I am. Much love, Annette

    • Annette I am the lucky one to have found such friends as you.. Your gentleness and caring has always shown through your poetry and has ALWAYS found that soft spot in me. You have always inspired me, not only to write better but to be a better, gentler person too. So thank you for that from the bottomof my heart. Love and hugs. Rosemary

  3. Sunnie girl… you are one neat chic, did you know that?. Your heart glows through every page you visit. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and kindness in show casing me here. This is very much appreciated especially as I know you are a very busy lady. Thank you for being such an awesome friend.

  4. It’s strange but i feel like i’ve known Rosemary for ever. I love her poetry. Her style is unique and full of heart. Thank you Sunnie. Much love to you both..
    Hugs, Ruby

  5. Hello Sunnie. Rosemay fits perfectly with this assembly of writers. Congratulations on your first publication Rosemay. And a toast to many more.

    • Mike I might not have done this without the support and encouragement of dear friends like you. Thank you for being there. I’ll happily drink a toast to many more for ALL of us.

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