Introducing Mary Carter also known as M. Carter


I met Mary on hubpages and it with great honor that I am able to share a little about this wonderful author. Please check out her bio below. You may find her link to her new book on Smashwords below.

After 20 something years as a counselor in family and social work settings and most
recently an adolescent school counselor for the past 11 years, I was forced to retire in
2010 from a job that I loved due to ill health, unable to physically continue.
After a few months bored witless from lack of mental stimulation at work and conversation with colleagues a friend suggested I get myself a laptop and try passing some time writing.
A 50 thousand word novel, many articles on hubpages and several short stories later, one
of which has just been published on smashwords, I am now enjoying life as an aspiring
Born and raised in a big family by a wonderful mum and dad I enjoyed a carefree
childhood on a small dairy farm just outside of Richmond NSW. And I am sure that my
idyllic childhood growing up on a farm with fresh eggs, milk, meat, fruit and veggies has
given me a love for all things fresh, green, free range and organic.
While I really did have a idyllic childhood, my later teenage years were fraught with much
emotional pain and angst as family problems crashed and smashed our tranquil existence
apart, it is out of those years of uncertainty that my desire to help young people was born
and hence my career as a school counselor began. My years working with and learning
from amazing young people has developed a passion for writing about issues that young
people face and have to deal with.
I met and fell in love with my husband while quiet young 19 actually, and married soon
after and I am happy to say that many, many years later we are still happy together and
still best friends. We also had a few kids along the way and I have to say that being a
mother has been my most important passion for the last 15 to 20 years of my life over and
above my professional work, voluntary work leading and running community organizations and hobbies and interests etc.
So now as I write and wait for inspiration to come Iʼm enjoying life in a beautiful part of the world and hope for a miracle for my books to be published.

Mary I pray all your dreams come true!




5 thoughts on “Introducing Mary Carter also known as M. Carter

  1. What a lovely person you are Mary. Your life sounds interesting and your heart shines through your words. I am so happy that you took up the pen and paper. Bravo for you.
    Sunnie, you find and present such great people on this blog. I always enjoy it.

  2. Sunnie I see you have added another talented author to your Pen to Page series. Did you tell her that this review guarantees the success of her writing career? She already has one work published. And the next is sure to be a hit.

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