My Life as a Female Drug Dealer by Kimberly


4 thoughts on “My Life as a Female Drug Dealer by Kimberly

  1. Sunnie, the video clip is powerful and provocative. The story is compelling in its blunt truth and gripping voice. Climbing Everest is child’s play compared to this journey.

  2. Sunnie, you are too kind and thank you for the support during this exhausting promotional stage! Tonka can come play in the morning btw
    glad no/ actually thrilled the video is being received well and helping the exposure will be of great help!

    May I take this opportunity to say this book would not be possible with out an editor who cares, specifically; Mike Friedman
    And book design and video production by; Chris Harrison

    I was in charge of page numbers then we had to take them out due to formatting issues!


    Thank you girl

  3. I am in awe of the partnership that put this book…promotional production together. This is a true team effort, led by Kimberly and her story which needs to be told for your release and perhaps of so many readers you may never know. You have reason to be so proud of this rock solid endeavor… Congratulations and all the best, always, Maria

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