Introducing Deborah Brooks

I met Debbie a couple years ago on hubs and she became one of my sweetest and dearest friends. She is a talented author, poet, and  an awesome grandma to boot! You can tell she is a romantic at heart and is forever creating a poem or story about love. Debbie is love.  This songs for you Debbie!



Please enjoy a wonderful interview done by lord de cross with Deborah Brooks.

Please enjoy Deborah’s work at the links below.

Debbie’s newest book! Get you copy now at Create a Space and Amazon!

Debbie’s other books to enjoy!

   My Heart I Give


   Silenced Hearts


Thank you Deborah for allowing me to share your work. May God greatly bless your writing journey.

Love Sunnie

I leave you with this song, wishing many blessings upon you my friend.


11 thoughts on “Introducing Deborah Brooks

    • Hi Joseph,
      So good to see you. Oh I miss you all so very much. I was happy to share Deborah’s links..she is such a special lady. I hope you are doing well my dear friend.
      Love and hugs,

  1. Dear Sunnie,

    This is a wonderful tribute linkage to Deb. I think she is the essence of warmth, as you are, in our community. It is beautiful that a core of us…also LORD, Vinaya are drawn to interview all of the fine and talented people we can in this community. There is so much wealth in talent and personality to share and Deb always does this so creatively and with such care.

    It is my goal to keep striving to link these wonderful interviews to all of mine that have been/ and that will be published. Thanks for always remembering us, Kimmie. Love, Maria

  2. Hi Sunny! I found you through Deb! I adore her as well – she has the biggest heart and tries so hard to spread love every single day!
    Awesome tribute, my friend. I’d love to get your work, but i need a direct link..
    email works…or facebook..or or..

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