Introducing Will Star’s New Book “The Hangman”

“In the title short story, ‘The Hangman”, an Arizona Sheriff tracks down the cold-blooded killer of a territorial family, and brings him to justice, only to learn a devastating secret. The Hangman is Volume One in a collection of exciting short story fiction by award-winning author, Will Starr.”

I have personally read each and every story in this book and you will be greatly entertained. Will is a fabulous writer and you may find him on smashwords and hubpages. Please find the links below.






10 thoughts on “Introducing Will Star’s New Book “The Hangman”

  1. Oh happy day… Will Starr has needed to be in print FOREVER…! Sunnie, thank you for sharing this fabulous news and may many many new followers come to appreciate this amazing writer as we do. Congratulations, Bill! Hugs, Maria

  2. Sunnie you did a great deal of work to make this happen. Will Starr is meant to be read and with your assistance he will get a wider audience.

  3. Sunnie my dear friend, thank you for sharing the talent of my good friend Will Star. Not only is he an awesome talent, but he is a force to be reckoned with who share his love of writing with everyone who stops to read him. “Way to go Will, I am still chasing your tail.” 🙂

  4. What can i say that hasen’t been said? Will is my favorite western writer. He has the unique ability to take you along the trail of adventure and you never know until the end, what a wonderful tale he has spun. I only wish he would write more often..

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