A Book Review: Digging to China by Justin W. Price


Book Review: Digging To China by Justin W. Price

I would like to introduce Justin Price and his new book “Digging to China.” Justin is a talented young man who is managing editor for eFiction Horror magazine, a respected writer on Hubpages, and continues to wow his audience with his wonderful blog. Justin is married to his lovely wife Andrea and they live in the great state of Oregon.
Digging to China is a delightful book of poetry that is original and shows the human side in all its glory and frailties. It is a collection of poetry, spanning 15 years of the Justin’s life, who at the age of 32, is now a flourishing young writer. The theme has much nostalgia and one of the things I loved most, but there is plenty of wonderful poetry to appeal to all ages alike.
One of the things that most impressed me about Justin was his honest accounts from his earlier days. He admits that his poetry varies, capturing his early teens, twenties, to present.
“The Battle of Bunk Bed Ridge” was  delightful , showing the innocence of a young boy and his green plastic soldier’s and the time he spent playing with his dad. His first curse word was heard through the house. This was real and evoked memories that I had forgotten as I watched my sons play with their little green plastic soldiers. This is only one of many that will cause one to pause and remember.
Tears filled my eyes when I read about a young boy spending his last Holiday with his family intact before they went their separate ways. This was a scene many have felt and witnessed. The humanity of Justin’s words came alive across the pages.

It is my hope that you will take the time to check out Justin’s new book.

Here are Justin’s Links


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EFictionHorror/
Twitter: @efictionhorror

It is with great pleasure that I recommend this book. It is refreshing and very relatable as we share in this commonalty we call life. You may laugh, shed some tears, and even get the WOW factor! Digging to China is one book that I am sure you will enjoy!

Sunnie Day


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