Introducing Calvin Compost in Organic City by Brenda Barnes

“Calvin Compost is like most kids in that he longs for adventure and excitement. Calvin, however, is no ordinary boy. He is an earthworm and lives in a compost bin where he reads about the exploits of his favorite heroes. But when the world needs a real hero who can save the entire community and perhaps the planet, Calvin’s eagerness for excitement may get him more than he bargained for. He must leave the safety of the only home he has ever known and venture into a big, dangerous world, going on an incredible quest into the unknown and returning a hero!”

Recommended for children ages 5 through 10.
Please take a look at Maria’s wonderful review on hubpages.

A wonderful new children s book just in time for Christmas
Wishing Brenda the very best!


6 thoughts on “Introducing Calvin Compost in Organic City by Brenda Barnes

  1. Dear Sunnie,

    Nice to have you back spreading your goodness…and this was a treat, as I have also placed my order…I am proud of our Brenda and privately wanted another chance to spend some time with Monsieur…! Hugs to all, Maria

  2. Dear Sunnie,
    Thanks for adding my review of this amazing book. I just ordered two more books for my great nephews. Hugs to you both, Maria

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