Introducing Ubani Alexander Thandi

Watch out World…Ubani’s in the house!

It is my honor to introduce Ubani on Sunnie’s Pen to Page.

I met Ubani on Hubpages where he shared many of his wonderful poems. Please enjoy his autobiography, some of his favorite quotes, and a special poem,  shared in his own words.


“I remain my humble self Ubani Alexander Chijioke Thandi. I came from the far parts of Africa through the blossoming and dusty landscapes of Abia State, Nigeria far beyond the greenish forest and the vast oceans far away from Lagos, Onitsha and Calabar.
I was called to earth by my beautiful parents who gave birth to six others besides myself right there in Umudike. The fourth in a family of seven – five beautiful girls and two handsome dudes make up my family.

I started my early education ᵃ†̥̥ National Root Crops Research Institute, umudike and later proceeded †Φ the famous Government College Umuahia for my secondary education. My ambition to be on Television led me to study Theater Arts from Imo State University, Owerri were I bagged a Bachelor’s Degree (B.A hons) majoring in Play writing. Through the difficulties, numerous industrial actions and hardships of university life, I grew to become a most acclaimed, outstanding, talented and skillful writer and student – one of the best in my department.

“He who searches for crabs in shark infested water is asking for trouble”

“With over 500 poems (more than 60 published poems, 15 short stories, 8 plays and 3 unpublished novels)

I was born on the 3rd of May, 1987 to Mr and Mrs Ubani M.O, our family was sweet and large. My mama Mrs. Chinyere Ubani and my grandfather all of blessed memory helped shape my life for good.


“Mama, I will fight your fight and be rest assured that you will forever be dear †Φ my heart. My heart bleeds and I am worried that you will not be around †Φ reap the fruit of your labor.”

There is no greater love than a son for his mother. The character of a man is made from the love of his mother.


Mama was strict, religious, determined, outstanding, generous and was a go-getter to the core. Her ‘never say die’ attitude gave impetus to all I have achieved till this day. My story can never be complete without her.

On the other hand, my grandfather tutored me in the ways of the ancients and taught me that respect, honor, trust, truth, family and love were virtues of life. He tendered me like a chick under the mother hen.


“I am another ordinary man doing extraordinary things”

“Now, I can without doubt say that I am a prolific and versatile Writer, Actor, Playwright, Dramatist, Poet and Script-writer.

The Gladiator

by Ubani Alexander Thandi

Look! A man
by his worth, he is blessed
worried of soul
but, strong at heart
delighting every soul

He is a child of honor

A bundle of gift
The light of many
The comforter of The afflicted
With his hands, strangulation Whispers
Awesome, built with strength
his fist molded with iron

fast, strong, bold & proud
intelligence is his father
glory his pride
determination eat his guts

he is a child of destiny
born for heroics
with blood he bathe
his heart at his back
survival is his only food

in the mind of a gladiator.

Copyright – Ubani Alexander Chijioke

I have been featured in different online Magazines, blogs and social network sites and most recently my poems and short stories have featured as a guest writer at The African street writer site



My EYES are in tears

My HEART in pain

Deep thoughts overwhelming my mind

Sweet bitter pain in my heart

Their faces are hungry

Begging for food

Orphans of our world

Homeless not hopeless

We appeal for LOVE

Begging for help

We are the children of poverty

Sons and daughters of want

Abandoned, poor and battered

Food we beg each day

We ask for help

We are the children of the world

Sons and daughters born of a woman

Please give us a life

Make us all equal

Stop the discrimination

End the inequality

Halt the corruption

No more abortion, no more killings

We are all equal

Make the world a better place

Bring out the laughter on our faces

Make food like water

Treat all equal

Let the music of love flow to all

Brighten our faces with your friendship

Bring us all together

Black, white and red

Because we are one

Let’s love one another

Care and protect one another

For life is SWEET when we share it with OTHERS.

©Copyright – Ubani Alexander Thandi²ᴼ¹²

Please find many of Ubani’s work on the following sites below.

Ubani’s work is also featured on Katrine Del monte’s site below

“I have featured in many stage plays, dance concerts, poetry and short story competitions.

I am young, passionate, loving, jovial and easy-going person who loves to laugh.

In fact, I laugh a lot but I am handsome too.”

  Sunnie says, ” A super writer and a super man! “


                 Thank you Ubani for letting me share your wonderful story. Never give up on your dream! Wishing you the very best on your writing journey!



6 thoughts on “Introducing Ubani Alexander Thandi

  1. I dearly love Tandi’s poetry. I started reading his work after he sent me a fan mail. I was amazed at the depth of his words. His devotion to his hamily is heart warming. I also admire his self-confidence. I loved his quote, ” I laugh a lot but i am handsome too. ” Great interview Sunnie. Best wishes Tandi.

  2. Lovely…. go and chase your dream Ubani Alexander Thandii… All the best… may god bless you…And Sunnie Day… thanks for your introduction of such a great talent via this medium…

    Have a wonderful year ahead…:)

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