Hello and Welcome to Sunnie’s Pen to Page!

Hello my author name is Kimmie Thompson, author name Sunnie Day. I am a retired nurse of 18 years and have found my way back into the world of writing. I guess I am calling myself a creative writer these days as my imagination is non stop when it comes to story telling. I find inspiration in almost anything that touches my life.

I remember the first time I wrote a poem the site required me to give a pen name verses my own. I thought how much I wanted to be outside on that wonderful sunny day but I was stuck working so…a light bulb went off….I will use the name Sunnie Day! I am still getting used to that title.:)

It is my utmost desire to inspire people through my writings, but not only my own work,  but to introduce others work on this blog.

After I retired, I bought six chickens, embracing the back yard farmer mentality. I truly loved it. It was not long before they inspired my first children’s book.

Sunnie and her Peeps

I love to spend my time with my family, gardening, illustrating and writing. I have a great passion for nutrition and eating well. I share a Face Book page called Veggies are Us, sharing many wonderful healthy ways to eat. I truly believe natural, healthy food can be our medicine.

Did I mention I love Cowgirl boots, Karen Carpenter, 1971 Volkswagen Convertibles, and John Denver…

My greatest joy is my children and five grandchildren.

I also have two little girls that are my heart! This is Chrissy and Penny!


I  have two other books published that are my hearts work!

                                                                                                  When Delilah Smiles

When Delilah Smiles book cover

God’s Playbook


All my published work can be found on Amazon, Smashwords, and Yahoo Contributor.

Please feel free to visit my Author page, New blog, called Graceful Intentions, and other writing sites.







                                                       When I am writing, I can honestly say it is a good day!

Thank you for stopping by and be sure and check out the many talented writers posted here!


10 thoughts on “Hello and Welcome to Sunnie’s Pen to Page!

  1. Hi Sunnie….this is marellen (Mary) from hubpages. I’m looking forward to your book Sunnie and Her Peeps; I know it will be a cute read. You have been one busy person. Just stopped to say Hi…

  2. Hi there,
    Oh i am so happy to see you here…I will sure let you know when the book comes out..I was trying to get everything in place..So good to see you..Please stop by anytime..

  3. Hello Sunnie Day,

    I agree you have been very busy. Hubpages, Novelty Fiction, Amazon Kindle submissions. And now a new Blog at WordPress. Are you twins?

    Oh, and thanks for the mention, your thoughtfulness is appreciated.

    • Hi Mike,
      Yes it has been a little busy..trying to get connected in alot of different places so when the book comes out may be alittle easier to get it out there..Your so welcome..it is the least I can do…
      Take care my friend,

  4. This is a wonderful website Sunnie, as beautiful as you,
    Can’t wait for the publication of your first published book, “Sunny and Her Peeps.,” I will be one of your first fans!!!!

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